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    Well, hey there guys:) not wrote on here in a few months, first of all a HUGE thank you to all my fans! and to all the people who are reading Little Malik and I'll Look After You:') it means so so much! I never thought that this much people would read my stories:')

    Anyway, I love hearing feedback from all of you not just on comments but on kik and skype too, so if you have a kik or skype comment your usernames below, or just add me:)?

    Skype - chloe.foy145
    Kik - chloefoy145

    Hope to be speaking to a lot of you soon:) Love you all!

    Chloe x
    Shine Among Darkness
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    Hey! I added you on skype, I absolutely love your movellas! Why so talented guuuurl?
    6 years ago
    I added u on skype