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    The boys plan an outing for you and them.
    So you came over so y'all can all leave out together.
    Walking up to their front door, Louis opens it before you can even ring the bell and engulfs you in a big hug,
    Zayn then came right after, engulfing you in yet another hug.

    Niall: Hey Y/N

    He then gave you yet ANOTHER hug.

    Niall: Im gonna go get Liam and Harry
    You: Ill go too

    Both of you guys went upstairs, hearing Harry and Liam in one of e rooms down the hall.
    As You and Niall approached the door, he reach for the door knob, opening the roomdoor.
    Walking into the room, you see Liam being pinned down by Harry.

    THEIR REACTION (the picture)