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    I sat at my desk, doodling hearts on my exercise book. "We have a new student coming today," Miss Greene explained. "She's a transfer from Lakeshore High." The new girl wasn't like all of the other girls at this school. The girls at Blackwood all wore miniskirts & eyeliner & showed off a lot. The new girl was the kind of shy, quiet girl that sits at the back of the classroom that nobody really notices. "This is Aimee Snow." She was average height with chocolate brown eyes & light brown hair was tied into a high ponytail with a light blue ribbon. A few girls whispered to each other. "You can sit next to Katie," Miss Greene said. She pointed at the empty seat next to me. I was sitting at a table with Charlie & Lauren in the lunch hall, when Aimee came up to our table. "Is it ok if I sit here?" she asked. "I couldn't care less," Lauren said. "Fine," Charlie shrugged. "Whatever," I said carelessly. She looked confused, then sat down. Aimee didn't really talk to anyone. She just sat there, fidgeting. "What time are we meeting at Braehead on Saturday?" Charlie asked. "probably at lunchtime," Lauren explained. "Have you been to Braehead?" Lauren asked. Aimee shook her head. "You should come with us on Saturday," I said. "If you want to." "We go there every two weeks," I explained. "sure," Aimee shrugged. Me & Charlie were sitting in the food court, waiting for Aimee & Lauren. "It's not unusual for Lauren to be late, but what's taking Aimee so long?" I wondered.Charlie shrugged. I saw a tall girl with dark blonde hair walking towards our table. "Hi," I said. "Do you know where Aimee is?" Lauren shook her head. "She's even later than I am, which isn't possible." Aimee rocked up about five minutes later. "Sorry, I was late for the bus," she explained. We got pizza for lunch, then headed into Bank, a shop that sold designer brands like Paul's Boutique & Paul Frank. I bought a white Paul's Boutique jacket with the brand name written all over it in neon pink, Lauren bought a bag at the dear price of 68 pounds & Charlie bought wedge high-tops. "Why didn't you buy anything, Aimee?" I asked. "It's really expensive..." "It's because it's designer," Lauren laughed. "Um... I do have 180 pounds, but I'm only allowed to use it if it's an emergency," Aimee explained. "Just use it," Lauren sighed. We left Braehead with tons of multicolored bags from Hollister, Bank, Quiz & several other shops. Aimee had spent the full 180 pounds by then. Aimee sat down at our table with her lunch tray, looking miserable. "What's up?" Charlie asked. "My mum chewed me out for using all of my money," Aimee sighed. "& I'm grounded." "All you did was buy some stuff," Lauren shrugged. "It's not that big of a deal." "It was meant for emergencies," Aimee protested. "How long are you grounded for?" Charlie asked. "4 weeks," she admitted. "How long would your mum & dad ground you for, Katie?" "About a week," I shrugged. "Then I'd probably be ungrounded halfway through it." "You