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  • OhhMyStyles

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    6 years agoReply
    So I was thinking of doing an omegle hunt for my fans, just to tslk about other story ideas and other stories i have in mind to do? also to talk about the competition i have at the moment and to talk about little malik/ i'll look after you? stuff like that?

    But yeah I dunno if anyone would join in or not? comment or like this if you would join in please?x
    6 years ago
    If you let me know when and time I might be able to because my parents are on the computer right now and stuff so let me know
    6 years ago
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    it will either be later tonight or tomorrow night:)x
    6 years ago
    Let me know when, not tonight though because I am watching the possession :)
    6 years ago
    Please update Little Malik's sequel!!!!!
    6 years ago
    Yes please do.