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  • osnapitzjordy

    mumbled "Random :)"

    Ok I have to new favorite songs :)
    say somethin-Austin mahone
    gentleman-Cody simpson :D
    Absolutely love them :)
    Anyway um Im not really sure why I write fan fictions, I guess its just good practice for when I truly start to write.... properly. I mean I love writing these and I it means the world to me when people read my writing and like it :) My dream is to be a famous author cheesy i know but its true. If you asked me what I wanted to do 3 years ago i would have had no idea but since the end of last year i now know thats its what I want to do, and hopefully I am good enough :) I actually am not sure why im writing this but oh well haha.
    Also to fans thank you so much for reading, you don't know how much it means to me :)
    and please don't feel afraid to comment your thoughts on my writing, good or bad :) I honestly just want feedback :) oh also is there anyone who would want to co-write a Liam Payne fanfiction with me? if so just comment or message me or whatever :) I don't have any Ideas yet but its the holidays at the moment for about another week so i will probably do a bit of writing/thinking/brainstorming :)
    ok I think that I have probably said enough now so everyone have a good night/day/evening/morning haha :)
    7 years ago
    *two *Also to my fans