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  • Silverina La Mees

    mumbled "Absence"

    Five years from now you can reach me at my clinic on the corner of Dentist Street and Future, no. 596. Not the yellow building and not the hideous pink, either. The cute, black one that looks like a little cozy house.

    Who would have thought that I would become a dentist.
    Not me, I am sure.
    I have been absent and I will mostly be absent in the future due to the unnerving and boring education of dentistry (kind of and not completely, but still)
    And who cares.
    But this is why and it's a really sad why, but nothing can be (un)done.
    I am sorry (especially to AutumnFyre) who made a comment on my newest movella and never got an answer. I am sorry.
    And I am also sorry because I am not going to be able to read your fantastic movella(s) right now.. So..
    This was like a kind of somethingy that I wanted to write..