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Mxfia Nerdgirl


Mxfia Nerdgirl
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Renaming Joki

0 minutes ago
I will change the title name to 'Joki' to 'Crashing into a Norse God'.

new here!

1 minutes ago
So, Hi--
Shameless Amour Imperfect

Cover entry!

Shameless Amour Imperfect
5 minutes ago

@[Shamelessly Amours Steve ] here is the cover... I am sorry if it sucked you don't have to use it :)
Shamelessly Amours Steve
Shamelessly Amours Steve I like it :)

The Lunch lady finally strikes at Ferret's house on a fine Tuesday morning

6 minutes ago
Would anyone like to check out the latest chapter in
The Lunch LadyFERRET AND THE LUNCH LADY FIGHT OVER TRASH! BUT WHO WILL WIN? *Based on a true story that actually is happening EVERYDAY*

It's finally where the action begins *wink, wink*
Al the rest of the story is pretty boring XD

ALS 30 things thingy

7 minutes ago
So I was challenged by @[Mxfia Nerdgirl] to either do 30 things about me or donate to ALS research. Since I donated back when the Ice Bucket challenge came around, I figured I'd count this separately and do it.
1. My real name isn't Prodigy. (Shockkkkerrrrr) It's Christine.
2. I am a female. Why do people *cough* Rod *cough* make the mistake that I'm a guy?
3. I am American. Whoop whoop.
4. I have a dog.
5. My favorite band is Queen. (Another shocker)
6. My runners up for favorite band are Styx, Aerosmith and Kansas.
7. I carry the unfortunate nicknames of Prodigiant, fishykins and Prods. (Prods makes me sound like I'm poking someone.)
8. I'm a fan of Sword Art Online.
9. Rod is amazing.
10. Rod is awesome.
11.Rod is cool.
12. Rod is not making me write this. (Definnnniiteeellyyyy not)
13. I am exceptionally uninteresting.
14. I like to waterski.
15. My dream is to go to Greece, Japan and England.
16. I generally dislike sports.
17. I generally dislike people.
18. I do like coffee.
19. I think this list is becoming rather droll.
20. I'm seventeen.
21. Last year at this time I was sixteen.
22. The year before that, I was fifteen.
23. I'm strongly opinionated on many topics, primarily that of idiots.
24. I'm an atheist who goes to a catholic school.
25. I have an obsession with watches and jackets.
26. My hobbies include woodworking, calligraphy and cross stitching.
27. I like hummus.
28. I find profound, life-changing meaning in this quote, "There is an art, or rather, a knack to flying.
The knack lies in learning how to through yourself at the ground and miss." - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
29. I also find profound, life changing meaning in hummus.
30. I am ending this list now.

As is tradition, I will now challenge people to do this or to donate money to the ALS research foundation. You have something like 3 days?
@[Rodrigo The SwishyFish.]
@[Molly Looby]
@[Calista Lynch]
Amour Stylinson


Amour Stylinson
8 minutes ago

Which should I update? And while you're looking at all my movellas, which do you think was most interesting?
Beautifully Gabby

Gabrielle and Gabriella

Beautifully Gabby
11 minutes ago

So I got an idea after seeing a lot of people with the name Gabby on here. It won't come out really quick since I need to figure out the plot but I thought the Olsen Twins would be be perfect for the parts! What do you guys think? it will probably be a 1D fanfic tho...


13 minutes ago
NaNoWriMo definitely won't be a success:') I'll maybe manage 30000 to make up to 50000 but I probably won't hit the 50000 mark D:

5 likes and I'll do it

15 minutes ago

Since I've seen a lot of people do this, I thought I'd do it as well c: 5 likes and I'll do the Invade My Life post - it won't let me add the image -.-
aussiexbritishyay one more like :p
a chemical reaction...

dear everyone

a chemical reaction...
28 minutes ago
i'm sorry. i'm sorry that I've been such a poopoohead lately, i just... i don't know what it is. But yeah, sorry...
Shamelessly Amours Steve
Shamelessly Amours Steve Maybe it's the weather, my dad says when it gets cold, people change although you pretty much live across the world so who knows your weather
dramaticllama Nightshade
dramaticllama Nightshade"poopoohead"? There's a joke about brains and grey matter in there somewhere xD Don't worry about it, it happens to the best of us.
A Child of the Madness
A Child of the MadnessSo then, were you actually mad at me in your last mumble or...was I just a matter of wrong place, wrong time? Either way I'm sorry. :/
a chemical reaction...
a chemical reaction...Well tbh A Child Of The Madness i don't wanna get into this right here but uh maybe you should leave me alone
Shamelessly Amours Steve

Please Check out/Need a cover

Shamelessly Amours Steve
30 minutes ago
So 2 things

Please check out my book Moving On
Moving OnEmily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlf...

It is really short but the prequel is so much better, speaking of it is called Ungodly Love
Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving...Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the...

and coming soon like maybe March ( Soon XD )
will be the next book after Moving On called Double Trouble

and I need a cover for Double Trouble XD

Title: Double Trouble
Author: MEH XD
Celebs: Emma Watson, Loki and Tony Stark
Orderish: I kinda want Emma in middle with Loki on one side and Tony on the other

if you have any other ideas, go ahead. Please and thank you
imperfect dreamer
imperfect dreamerMe too <ps, I'm not good at it.>
Shamelessly Amours Steve
Shamelessly Amours Steve Aww thanks Yay and @[imperfect dreamer] ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS XD
imperfect dreamer
imperfect dreamerLol, , I just need the regulat info and all tht type of stuff.
Shamelessly Amours Steve
Shamelessly Amours Steve Ok, uhhh like the blurb? XD
Fluffy Flufferson

1D fanfictions.....

Fluffy Flufferson
31 minutes ago
I swear, there are too many 1D fanfictions. Especially about themselves falling in love. Let's do something a little different, okay? No JB Fanfics either. That's worse. How about let's just not ever do fanfics. ever.
S u n d a i s e s

Life Support

S u n d a i s e s
35 minutes ago

Title inspired by the song Life Support by Sam Smith.
Real world_escape
Real world_escapelike it.


37 minutes ago

If you're not already on the site I thoroughly recommend it. It's like movellas, but for poetry, and really, really awesome. :D
I'm called Mirlotta, same as on here.
Parsavagely Vaircome
Parsavagely VaircomeAnd I'm called Parsavagely Kompenere
MadoucI'm called Madouc. (Who would've guessed) XD
C.H. Potter☕️


C.H. Potter☕️
42 minutes ago
Sorry if I'm confusing you guys with the change of my profile pictures ALL THE TIME!! I always find other really nice pictures, and then sometimes I want to go back to old pics and stuff. I will probably change this one in another week or 2 weeks or so.
Sorry for the confusion!

30 Things About Me

45 minutes ago
1. I am a Canadian.
2. I love to create art.
3. I love the smell of axe, any kind.
4. I'm labeled as a gothic at school.
5. I love post-metalcore music; MCR, BMTH, BVB, HLH, etc.
6. I want a set of $400 markers.
7. I have 2 cats.
8. I have 2 dogs.
9. I can count to 8 in three different languages.
11. I am a girl; classy, yet can be a beast.
12.I have a total of 104 books in my bedroom at the moment.
13. I've seen Marianas Trench (JOSH RAMSAY OMG) in concert.
14. I have a three inch scar on my leg from my brother showing me out of a cat cage made of barbed wire.
15. I love the smell of Canadian money; it smells like maple syrup.
16. My favorite color is black. Do not argue that it is a shade, I will win.
17. My hair is frizzy as hell.
18. I am obsessed with my Pink Floyd sweater.
19. I'm crushing on another girls man; he hugged me today*Floats to the moon*
20. I've never had a detention.
21. I'm 13
22. My life lives on: Nail polish, pancakes, and colored pants.
23. I've been dyeing my hair since I was six years old; starting from peek-a-boos to bigger streaks to all of my hair.
24. My favorite Transformer is Bumblebee (Oh, sweet Jesus, Camaros!)
25. My favorite anime is a tie between Pokémon and Inu x Boku SS.
26. I don't like petty sports you can't hurt people in. (VOLLEYBALL SCENARIO: *In the middle of a boring ass game when suddenly, our best player spikes an opponent and breaks her nose with a spike. NOT VIOLENT ENOUGH)
27. I'm taller than my mom.
28. I've broke a gerbil's back, I'M SORRY.
29. I have an unhealthy addiction to eye makeup.
30. My nickname is 'Death.'
StormyCatArtistXD :D

Ew no

46 minutes ago
I wore shorts today bc it's nice out and like ugh my thunder thighs bruh.

Well time to lose weight :c
Queen Slayoncé
Shamelessly Amours Steve

Is it bad?

Shamelessly Amours Steve
50 minutes ago

Is it? I dunno, just feel like complaining about my life
Shameless_SJI get it, I really do. It actually made me start to cry because i get it so much...Our lives are quite similar to be honest. So I get you...

I am Back!

50 minutes ago
For the foreseeable future I will be putting up new content. Not particularly quickly, but I will. :p
It's been a tough time, I graduated from high school and had a lot to accomplish between full-time job, getting housing situated and seeing who I wanted to before they shipped out to wherever. Beyond that I cherish sleep above almost all things.
I hope you enjoy what I start to post, I have three projects I'm working on including Memories which will have a new chapter up within a week or so. As well as a new title I will be adding to the shelf called Barber the Butcher. And a screenplay that I've suffered major writer's block on called Tonight-Alive.
But; to all who care, I'm updating and for the foreseeable future I will continue to do so.