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Stolen From @marlbored Because I Have Nothing Better To Do Pt2

6 minutes ago
32 » Sexiest thing on a girl? → Abdomen... Like, omigosh, a girl with a flat stomach is just UGH.

33 » Favourite feature? → Hair!

34 » Favourite eye colour? Deep brown.

35 » Favourite book? Beautiful Chaos.

36 » Favourite TV show? The Tomorrow People.

37 » Favourite musical? → Calamity Jane.

38 » Hobbies? → COSPLAY! Fan art, fanfiction, reading, comic books, photography, singing.

39 » Best book you have ever read? Gosh, that's tough. I don't know.


7 minutes ago
Festival time is over, now for two days of science coursework before school starts:(


10 minutes ago
Um so basically I'm going to this club thing later and I don't know anyone there and what do I do

Prodigy^That'd be my advice. Sit alone in a corner and watch everyone else. XD Don't listen to me.... Hopefully someone else can offer something better? Like sit alone in the MIDDLE of the place and watch everyone else?

Stolen From @marlbored Because I Have Nothing Better To Do Pt1

10 minutes ago
1 » What is your favorite color? → Orange!

2 » If you could marry one celebrity who would it be? → Ummm... Chris Pratt, probably.

3 » How tall are you? → 5'3''

4 » Turn ons? → Good hair, comic book knowledge, good sense of humour, arrogance (I dunno, it's kinda hot).

5 » Turn offs? → 'Swag', dunno, lots of things. xD

6 » What colour is your room? → White, with multi-coloured paint splatters on one wall.

7 » Favourite store? → Infinity and Beyond (my local comic book store).

8 » Favorited article of clothing? → My Xavier Institute shirt! <3

9 » What's the story behind your first kiss? → I'd been dating him for a month, we were down by the river and it started to rain, so we were running to get under the bridge. Then, we just kissed. It was super romantic and spontaneous. He still says I kissed him, but I'm sure he kissed me. xD I was 14.

10 » Tell me about your first boyfriend/girlfriend. → I only really count my current boyfriend, cuz the ones before weren't really proper relationships. Met at a history workshop when we were 13, got paired together because we had no friends. Lots of crap happened, but we started going out on the 22nd of October 2011. Now, we're 17 and still together, heading up to our three years now. He's a total geek, comes with me to conventions, collects lightsabers, cosplays and read comic books with me. He's my best friend and I love him madly.

11» What is your lockscreen/wallpaper? → Elixir and Wither (vv) on my phone and my profile picture on my iPod.

12 » Virgin? → Nope.

13 » Why did you make this account? → Because I have no life.

14 » Write a short story about ____. → Cheese, because yolo.
"Charlie cheese leant in close to Matthew milk.
"Love me." He whispered sweetly.
"No way! Me and Barry butter have a good thing going on!" Matthew snapped, turning away.
"Ouch." Charlie allowed a single tear to escape. "Never will I love again.""

15 » Favorite song? → SOS by Yashin.

16 » Favourite Band? → Yasin, The Blackout, Secrets.

17 » Hair/eye color? → Hair: Naturally: Dirty blonde. Currently: Bright red with brown underlayer. Eyes: Blue with central heterochromia.

18 » A distinct memory from summer '09 → I was in my first year of high school! Playing piggy back wars with my best friend against two of my other friends. xD

19 » Favourite joke? → "Why did the can crusher quit his job? Because it was soda pressing!" *Ba dum ts*

20 » Pick up the book closest to you, open to page ___, and type line ___ → Page 172, typing line 12.
"18 mph (29 km/h)"
Driving theory test book. x'D

21 » Ever gotten drunk? → Fun fact, I can't actually get drunk. x'D

22 » Ever gotten high? → Nope.

23 » Do you have any tattoo's? → Nope.

24 » Do you want any tattoos? → Yup - the X-Men logo someone, and a green caster moon around the scar at the base of my back.

25 » Put your Ipod on shuffle, without skipping any, list the first 5 songs that come up. →
Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All Time Low
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Futures
How We Survive - Secrets
Animal - The Cab
Stitches - Young Guns

26 » Favorite movie? → Probably Guardians of the Galaxy. Just a great film.

27 » Favourite place to get kissed? → The top op my back either side of my spine.

28 » Favourite thing about a guy/girl's personality? → Good sense of humour and taste in comic books.

29 » Turn your head to the left, what is the very first thing you see? → Curtain.

30 » Opinion on arm veins? → Meh.

31 » Sexiest thing on a guy? → Hair. Omigosh. Hair.

Two new covers!

22 minutes ago

I had insomnia when on holidays so I made new covers for two of my old movellas, both had been published in 2013! :)
Hidden letters *complete*Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.

Diana Rose *complete*He saved her but he doesn't remember.
Bethany Alice

Anyone else?!

Bethany Alice
22 minutes ago

Creativity is my addiction, and writing is my drug of choice!

This is great!! Anyone else agree with me?

#creativity #addiction #writing #choice #lifestyle #story #keepwriting #believe
PInk DaIsY


PInk DaIsY
29 minutes ago

13 today!
*happy dance*
Five.DirectionerHAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE! Love ya!
mybestfriendisapenguin_xXHappy birthday!
PInk DaIsY
PInk DaIsYThank chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Music Saved Me
Music Saved MeHAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now you're a teenager :D Have a lovely day! :3
TorTia Goldlight

I find it funny that...

TorTia Goldlight
31 minutes ago
Everybody is fangirling over the Doctor, Four or super hero's and I can't get over Sarah and Duck XD

But seriously though, how could anyone resist Duck in this scarf?

Ahlaam Nightshade
Ahlaam NightshadeI can't see it, but I presume it is the epitome of wonderful.
LV Snelson

dedicated to some one special

LV Snelson
35 minutes ago



37 minutes ago
Ahlaam Nightshade
Ahlaam Nightshade@[Tomato.] Mutiny.


37 minutes ago
GO FAN @[Georgia.Russell] BC SHE ONLY NEEDS ONE MORE FAN BEFORE 700 PLS DO IT BECAUSE SHE'S SUPER RAD AND AN AWESOME WRITER ((ur life didn't start yet if u didn't read Dark I & II))

I'm back!!

42 minutes ago
Hi everyone!!! :D
I'm back from holidays and I'm really sad because it means summer break is over... 2 months weren't enough xD
Anyway, I'm starting school tomorrow (first day of college! Oh dear...) and I'll be in a boarding school during the week so I don't know if I'll be able to come online often at the beginning... Just the first week, I guess, so I can get used to my new home and then, I'm sure I'll come online a bit more.
I'm feel both excited and scared because it's gonna be a huge change for me... I'll have to take the train twice a week and I'm sure I'll get lost at least once or that kind of things x)
But I won't forget Movellas! :P
Sooo what did I miss here? Apart from the best 1D fanfic writer? :) Congrats to the winner once again, that fanfic was by far one of the best ever written! I'd advise each and every of you to read it once it will be published!!! :D
So anything else? ^^


47 minutes ago
@[TheFayzIsComing...] how come you're the 399th fan?
Lia is a cookie

a poem

Lia is a cookie
52 minutes ago
i like to fly,
off of cliffs,
I like to somersault,
in front of a train,
I like to play a game,
with my knife,
I sometimes like to,
pull the trigger,
Set fire to my wings,
Cage myself in freedom,
Wrap myself with pleasure,
Dive into the water,
And let myself swim to the bottom,
Greet the white,
Greet the light,
And smile.
Lia is a cookie
Lia is a cookieis that your way of saying it's a bad poem
A Chemical Reaction///
A Chemical Reaction///No, it's a great poem, i was just trying to lighten the mood lol
Antiquity Vaircome
Antiquity VaircomeI like to try to live I like to see you doing the same
Ahlaam Nightshade
Ahlaam NightshadeLia . . . that's a very, very good poem, but do you feel like that?

bc everybody's stealing my shit P.2

54 minutes ago
22 » Ever gotten high? → Nope.

23 » Do you have any tattoo's? → Nope.

24 » Do you want any tattoos? → Yup.

25 » Put your Ipod on shuffle, without skipping any, list the first 5 songs that come up. → That Girl - All Time Low
Disasterology - Pierce The Veil (two tones lower, it sounds awesome like that)
Batard - Stromae (Belgian stuff)
Bittersweet - Ellie Goulding
If It Means a Lot to You - A Day to Remember

26 » Favorite movie? → Suicide Room, it's sad af, but I love it and watch it everytime I feel like dying.

27 » Favorite place to get kissed? → E V E R Y W H E R E

28 » Favorite thing about a guy/girl's personality? → Sense of humor (H), the eyes (A), common things (Z), good music taste (E), and the goddamn laugh (L).

29 » Turn your head to the left, what is the very first thing you see? → My garden.

30 » Opinion on arm veins? → I think it's cool, it shows that you're alive, something runs inside of you.

31 » Sexiest thing on a guy? → The hair, and the eyes, and I might touch your chest too much ((whether you have abs or not))

32 » Sexiest thing on a girl? → Idk, I'm gonna think like a man for this one.

The ass.

33 » Favorite feature? → Hands, hands, hands are handsome (hAHAHAHAHAH GET IT? NO? k.)

34 » Favorite eye color? Hazel, Green, brown, or plain black.

35 » Favorite book? The Black List.

36 » Favorite TV show? Secret Story (French stuff), Awkward, Catfish, Fearless Heart (some stupid Spanish romantic show really interesting doe)

37 » Favorite musical? → High School Musical (pretty much the only musical i've entirely seen)

38 » Hobbies? → Interenet, books, singing, working out, doing playback in the bathroom.

39 » Best book you have ever read? Tu Ne Violeras Pas (French book, meaning You Will Not Rape) pretty short, but awesome, at some part, it was actually hilarious, the main character was killing it.

bc everybody's stealing my shit

1 hours ago
1 » What is your favorite color? → Black, Teal, and Blue Sky.

2 » If you could marry one celebrity who would it be? → Dylan O'Brien ((in ur face, courtney))

3 » How tall are you? → 162 cm ((5'3'' or 5'4'' idk))

4 » Turn ons? → The eyes, philosophical people, an adorable laugh, good taste in music, sense of humor, dimples, intelligence, and the classic lip biting.

5 » Turn offs? → Picking your nose, making me feel guilty to give you what you want (i'm too nice seriously), bad breath, horny people ((don't date me just because i have boobs and a vagina))

6 » What color is your room? → Blue sky, and red.

7 » Favorite store? → Club, because there's loads of books there.

8 » Favorite article of clothing? → Uhh, the shirt I guess.

9 » What's the story behind your first kiss? → Keyword: Influence.

So, I was dating this guy named Samuel, and one day I was playing with him and my bestfriend outside (I was 9), and then at some moment, he took my bestfriend by her arm and told her he wanted to talk to her alone. I was waiting, watching them talk from afar. They came back, and Samuel was like, "Did you ever have a first kiss?"

And I shook my head, and then he was like, "I can be your first kiss!"

And I was like, "Uh, I don't think so..." Then he talked for ten minutes about how it's just a little kiss like little kids do, that it was gonna be quick etc. ((said the rapist to the little innocent girl)) So anyway, he glanced at my bestfriend, and pinched her hard on her back, and she started stuttering, begging for me to kiss him, and then I was seeing she was in pain so I kissed him and he was looking satisfied. But seriously, that was disgusting, because first of all, he used my bestfriend to make me kiss him, and he licked his lips too much before the kiss so yuckk, too much saliva.

10 » Tell me about your first boyfriend/girlfriend. → Too clingy, but cute and huggable. But still - clingy as fuck.

11» What is your lockscreen/wallpaper? → Hazel ((I think she knows, because I told her once)).

12 » Virgin? → Vlut (n.) virgin slut.

13 » Why did you make this tumblr? → Because I get bored sometimes, but my Tumblr is rad af so follow me.

14 » Write a short story about ____. → Goody-Goody ((also known as M. in the dedication in my book, 111 Nights)).

Three words; Beautiful, sweet, and undescribable. End of Story. Simple, but effective.

15 » Favorite song? → I Can't Help You by Last Dinosaurs, Flaws by Bastille (bc Hazel), 100 by Iggy Azalea, Ready to Start by Arcade Fire.

16 » Favorite Band? → Two Door Cinema Club, Black Flag, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Last Dinosaurs, The Neighbourhood, and many more, can't choose.

17 » Hair/eye color? → Hair/Eye: Dark brown.

18 » A distinct memory from summer '09 → Well, I was 7, and playing Barbies like it was the most amazing thing in this world. Yeah, pretty much it.

19 » Favorite joke? → Atm, it's that joke @[S u n d a i s e s ] made, "My pillow loves oral sex. He loves when I give him head." Not approximately the exact joke, but hey, close from it.

20 » Pick up the book closest to you, open to page ___, and type line ___ → Page 172, typing line, "she tries to come up at the beginning of lunch, and i build a wall of silence that no goth sorrow can climb." ((it was really written with no capital letters)) Guess what book it is.

21 » Ever gotten drunk? → On love, and sadness: yeah. Alcohol: no.

Responding the other questions after.
marlboredgurl aren't u supposed to be in class?
S u n d a i s e s
S u n d a i s e s American holiday. no school lol
marlboredsame here, but Belgian, not American, so i'm staying home, tomorrow's school ugh :c
S u n d a i s e s
S u n d a i s e s lol niceeeeee n yah :c


1 hours ago

Here is the cover, @[Mirlotta].

Also, here is the review of the fan fiction you sent me:
I was sent a fan fiction about kidnapping which always puts you in an amazing mood. Regardless, I am proud yet dumfounded to say I got through it. First off, though their were minor paragraph like entities, it was painful to read. The grammar was atrocious!
The chapter when she finds out she's been kidnapped by 5SOS is called "well this sucks". I mean, WHAT? It doesn't just 'suck'. Anyway, the story seemed to be I was kidnapped. I seem about twelve and I fell in love with my kidnappers.
Thank you.

New movella

1 hours ago

Another poem, hope you like it :)

3 more fans?!

1 hours ago
And omg the next three people to follow will get me too 700! Thank you all so much! x

Dark 3.

1 hours ago

Okay so it's release day tomorrow! I am so excited, and in honour of dark 3. I want to make a book over everyone's favourite quotes, so comment your favourite from dark 1 and then from dark 2, and when dark 3 is over you can comment then, I just think it will be lovely to know your favourite parts, so please comment, and who is excited for dark 3! x

- I will show you all the book of quotes when its finished :Dx