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The Black
The BlackXD
The Black


The Black
36 minutes ago
hai pandas :)

Songs Of MurderAndrew Smith loved music, maybe a little too much. When it came to the world, he couldn't care less. He became cold, heartless, just like his music prefere...

updating my new book currently
hope y'all get a chance to read it (:

honestly, i could use a few shots right now XD
so tired uegh

Chapter 3 out now

45 minutes ago

Station Noir chapter 3 is out now! Read it!
h a n n a h

Take 2

h a n n a h
1 hours ago

@[Fangirling Expert] This any better?
Fangirling Expert
Fangirling Expert Love it!! The jaw is much better now as well as the nose! <3


1 hours ago
i'm sleepyyyyyy....
The Black
The Blackmorning :) honestly, same been going to bed at 3 for the best few days XD
AThousandMidnightTheorieswhy?? XD

Little Things

1 hours ago
Me: *Listening to Little Things*
*Niall`s solo*
Me: *dies*

Og så blev jeg ellers tagget ^^

1 hours ago
Og så blev jeg ellers tagget! Jeg er blevet tagget af @[Vingummi], så her kommer mine svar! ^^

Spørgsmål nummer 1: What's the most annoying thing people say to you?
Wtf Astrid?

Spørgsmål nummer 2: Favorite classic film(s)?
-Tror det må være en af 'the lord of the rings' filmene eller harry potter 1 (Håber de tæller med under klassikere!).

Spørgsmål nummer 3: What's your most worst memory?
-Da jeg fik at vide min morfar var død

Spørgsmål nummer 4: What's your favorite song right now?

Spørgsmål nummer 5: What do you love most about your appearance?
-Det må vel være mine øjne.

Spørgsmål nummer 6: What's your most prized possession?
-Min familie, min families kat og min harpe :)

Spørgsmål nummer 7: What's your happiest memory of this year?
-Min konfirmatiom

Spørgsmål nummer 8: What's the best part of a school day?

Spørgsmål nummer 9: Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
-Den gang en af mine venner og jeg var hjemme ved hende (Tror vi var en tre eller fire år gamle), og så begyndte vi ellers at hælde vand ud over det hele... På badeværelset xD Vi fik godt nok en ordenlig skidebalde efter det!

Spørgsmål nummer 10: What movella are you currently working on?
- Lige nu arbejder jeg på 'De 58 dage', 'The portals' og en historie som ikke har en titel endnu.

Dem jeg vil tagge er:
- @[Viola. ]
- @[Martina51]
- @Luise Agger (Som ikke kan tagges... Du slipper ikke!)
- @[Noor..] (Hvia du kan huske Lira fra hs)
- @[Love.Power]
- @[Borello]
- @ M.Love (Du kan heller ikke tagges, men du slipper altså ikke!)

Det var så dem! Det var da helt vildt mange der skulle tagges! :O

Ambassador Duties :D

4 hours ago
Hey everyone,

So, because the ambassador applications are opening in less than a week I thought it would be good to tell you all exactly what ambassadors do on Movellas, rather than having you all speculating (as I was when I first joined XD).

First off, no we do not have any powers. My profile and all of my pages are exactly the same as when I wasn't an ambassador, except for the pretty star on my profile and a new group on my homepage. I cannot delete accounts, stop users from commenting on something, delete comments (except my own, naturally) or even see personal details like some believe I can. Ambassadors do not have any magical abilities, and can do no more than anyone else.

Now that's out of the way, here's what the ambassadors actually do:

1. Give feedback on stories:

Ambassadors are asked to review at least three stories a day, but believe me when I say that not all of us have the time for that. Personally, I read, like and favourite what I see, but sometimes I don't have the time to comment. I do binge-comment, rather than have it lovely and organised, but sometimes I don't read any stories at all in a day. Here's a hint: don't comment if you don't want to; it'll feel forced, and it will be obvious to the author.

2. Greet new users:

Again, ambassadors have been asked to greet three new users per day. No, not everyone does this, but hopefully you will notice that ambassadors do do it, just not in the time we were told. I once greeted ten users in one day, and then didn't do any for the next two days. When you do greet users, however, make sure you don't copy and paste the same message; that's rather impersonal, and intimidates new users (and yes, we have asked them XD). Be friendly, kind and interested in them.

3. Judge competitions:

This is something I do a lot of. When a competition is finished, if you haven't entered it, it's always nice to volunteer to help judge. Skye will then email you with a list of around twenty entries, all of which you read and then choose your top however many she asks for (usually three). This is a big help, because with all of the other work around Movellas, some competitions take months to judge.

4. Write blog posts:

This is one of my favourites, which I doubt surprises anyone. I love writing blog posts for the website, and the best thing is they aren't even that long. I average 500 words with mine, and they are mostly well-received, which is always nice. It's great to do things that help other users out.

5. Report bugs back to the Team:

In the ambassador group there will be a forum thread for you to post all of the glitches and bugs you find. Ambassadors search for bugs actively, and even test out new website updates to make sure everything is working smoothly. Last year, we were given access to the entire new layout for Movellas, and the amount of bugs we found were huge, so it's a good thing to look out for them.

6. Come up with new ideas for the website:

I don't know how many know this, but a lot of the ideas that get suggested in the ambassador group are implemented. Some are in progress right now, which is fantastic! Sometimes they are small things (like the move to drafts button), but other things might lead to bigger things, such as the implementation of the private messaging section.

7. Actively look for things that break the rules:

Yes, guys, ambassadors do search for things that are against the rules. Some easy ways are to search for trigger words in the search bar, such as "smut" under Movellas. This is a good way to keep the website clean, and family-friendly.

Unfortunately, I'm running out of characters in this mumble (too bad there's a limit XD), so I'll leave it at that. If anyone has any questions, I or another ambassador should be able to help out.

SanguineNo problem :) And you'd make a great ambassador!
strontiumGreat mumble, still so excited to apply ^^
Sparrow3183This is great, Sanguine! I myself can't wait to reapply, and hopefully this will convince others to apply as well! :)
Fan Fiction Writer
Fan Fiction WriterThis is the most comprehensive list of what an ambassador does I've ever read. I'm been thinking about whether I want to apply to become one I'm glad I now have a clearer picture of what it involves.
Molly Looby

Almost Top Ten!

Molly Looby
5 hours ago
ZA is the 11th most popular thriller and horror story of all time! That's huge! =D

If you guys haven't read the first three chapters yet, here they are, exclusively on Movellas!

ZA“There’s no right and wrong any more. Just living and dying.” What do you do when your worst nightmares become reality? Dreams shattered in a heartbeat....
A.S Damea

Check out :)

A.S Damea
6 hours ago

My review of Rebel of the sands on the movellas blog! !
Preslee Lily Potter ❤️

I want to die

Preslee Lily Potter ❤️
8 hours ago
So sorry
Mrs_AllAmerican12please don't die, I would be in your place in a heartbeat if it meant keeping you alive, please don't do anything.

Look At Me People?

9 hours ago

I am so beautiful or am I not??
harrystyles500LOL DUH
The_Forgotten_OneYou are!!
AshtonsGirl18 yes you are! <3
The Black
The Blackyou're so pretty <3

Pic for last mumble.

9 hours ago

Phone being studiously stupid.
JE Thompson

Just Bored

JE Thompson
9 hours ago
Little to do. Heaps of rain means going outside is not the best choice. Any ideas on boredom busting?
暗い戦士Try and see how long you can stand on your head. I always do that.
I can't have the cascading peace of silence ,
Where are you? Where'd you go?
Come back and let's have a little violence,
I'm all alone on my gilded throne,
Where's the rhythm of your fingernails and your devilish tone?
I'm a king all on my own in isolation and sanctuary
Come away to me so you can wear your bloody crown.
Shit... This is misery!
Time for those in my way to bow down.
Cos I'm coming for the last vestiges of my kingdom.

This may or may not evolve into a lyrical album or poetry book. But it'll be called King//Queen.

Me out.
Jacie XP


Jacie XP
9 hours ago
ONE OF MY EGGS HATCHED!!! My chicks are due tomorrow, but I just found one now (and it's kinda 11:30 at night). My mom and I didn't think any would. Plus, there are cracks in two of the eggs. I haven't named it yet, but I'm leaning towards the name Pixie Stick. What do you think?
Lady Alora Wiley
Lady Alora WileyAww! Yay! THat's a cute name, I think you should go with that! :D XD
I was just curious xD
Beautifully Musical Nerd
Beautifully Musical NerdI'm going to try. Probably won't get in but we'll see
Emily Rapattoni
Emily RapattoniI want to but am not sure if it'll be too hard to keep up with being an ambassador and school
Beautifully Hemmings

Short little notice :) (and hello!)

Beautifully Hemmings
10 hours ago
Hi everyone, it's been forever I know! How've you all been?
First off I just want everyone to go think about applying to be a movellas ambassador. I can honestly say it was an amazing experience to be able to help evaluate and modify the website, tailoring it to what you guys all see! That being said, I am not going to be applying for the ambassador role again this june. Although I have absolutely LOVED my time as an ambassador, I have come to see that I don't have enough time anymore to be fully dedicated to the process. I am hoping that someone with lots of time and talent will receive my position, because at this point I know someone else deserves it more than I do. I do believe that I was a great ambassador and I definitely feel that I made a difference on the site. I would never trade the time I had being an ambassador because I loved it so much. As I've gotten older, I've realized that I just don't have as much time for movellas as I used too. Life's gotten more complicated, with sports, extra curriculars, jobs, friends, and family, and movellas, while I love this place dearly, has fallen to all those other commitments. I barely find time to log on once a week let alone everyday, along with mumbling often and writing and updating stories. I AM NOT LEAVING though. I won't be able to log on as often as in the past but I'm hoping to keep up every know and then with you guys and hopefully continue along Confusion! (along with my other stories) I'm really going to miss being an ambassador a lot, and it's going to be weird not seeing that lovely little yellow star next to my profile picture, but I know that giving someone else the opportunity to be an ambassador will greatly effect them like it did me. I'll also miss judging competitions because reading peoples competitive work is so interesting and the process of choosing winners is so much fun. To my ambassadors family, I will miss chatting amongst all you amazing people about ideas for this wonderful website. You've all been so fun to work with this past year and I hope you all continue to be great leaders on this site and for those re-applying I wish you the best of luck! It's going to be weird not seeing emails flood in about discussion posts in the group but I know you all will keep up with everything just like you always do! Thanks @[Skye S] for being such a great leader since you started with us!
Good luck to all those applying for this years ambassadors! I hope whoever gets my spot on the "team" will use it wisely and love every second of it because it really is an awesome experience! Thanks everyone and good luck again! :) <3
Stolt Duuude. XD
Beautifully Hemmings
Beautifully HemmingsLol what? XD @[Stolt ]
Stolt You remember me? Woot. Three cheers and that.


10 hours ago
I'm leaving for rehab soon. So goodbye. I actually don't know for how long..
The_Forgotten_One@[Trin Trin] I'll try but I'm not supposed to be on the internet there so. @[AshtonsGirl18 ] It's a little late for not doing anything stupid but thanks
AshtonsGirl18 ok
Girl Of Fyre
Girl Of Fyre@[The_Forgotten_One] plz be good and stay well. i will miss you lots.
The_Forgotten_OneThanks..I'm scared

New Chapter for "Muser Mystery."

11 hours ago

Check it :p