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  • Top 5 Favorite Stories!
    A list with 1 stories by Beautifully Hemmings 3 Likes
    Created 25 Apr 15 ●Last updated: 1 years ago

    Updated list of my favorite movellas. Not in order!

  • Lovemore 3125 list
    A list with 14 stories by Lovemore3125 2 Likes
    Created 16 Feb 15 ●Last updated: 2 years ago

    fun and adventurous. being it has to fit my liking

  • My top ten
    A list with 4 stories by Beautifully Hemmings 2 Likes
    Created 26 Sep 14 ●Last updated: 4 years ago

    So these are my top ten favorite movellas... It was really hard to choose just 10 but here they are.

  • To read :3
    A list with 31 stories by MaxiChicken 4 Likes
    Created 21 Apr 14 ●Last updated: 5 months ago

    Movellas I wanna read! :D

  • Frozen
    A list with 3 stories by gryfindor girl 2 Likes
    Created 25 Feb 14 ●Last updated: 5 years ago

    Frozen stories (If you haven't guessed Elsa is my favorite)

  • ~ Favorite Movellas ~
    A list with 4 stories by AnotherStupidLovestory 1 Likes
    Created 8 Dec 13 ●Last updated: 3 years ago

    This is some of the best movellas ever written, if you ask me :) These movellas has inspired me to write my own. Thank you. :)