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  • favorites
    A list with 6 stories by Kearsten styles 0 Likes
    Created 16 Mar 16 ●Last updated: 3 years ago

    some of my favorite stories

  • Livyyy
    A list with 8 stories by Livy ♡ 0 Likes
    Created 10 Jul 15 ●Last updated: 3 years ago

    All the movellas I enjoyed

  • ✘ beautiful writing  ✘
    A list with 6 stories by londonlegacies 8 Likes
    Created 21 Jun 15 ●Last updated: 11 months ago

    [in no specific order] a list of stories i have read or want to read.

  • Favorite Louis FanFics
    A list with 7 stories by Lou My Boo 3 Likes
    Created 18 Jan 15 ●Last updated: 1 years ago

    Most of my favorite Louis FanFics.

  • Awesome Stories!
    A list with 3 stories by Black_Cat_Suicide_x 3 Likes
    Created 16 Jun 14 ●Last updated: 2 years ago

    I love these stories and think the authors are amazing!

  • One Direction <3
    A list with 6 stories by JenJen<3 5 Likes
    Created 20 Jan 14 ●Last updated: 2 weeks ago

    Movellas with one direction.

  • Amazayn 1D Fanfics
    A list with 4 stories by louislittlelamborghini 1 Likes
    Created 18 Dec 13 ●Last updated: 2 years ago

    Here are all the One Direction fanfics that I have read that are fabulouis! So enjoy and if you have any suggestions for me to read comment on my Mumble about this list on my profile! ♥♥♥ ENJOY