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  • Favourite Books 📚 😍
    A list with 19 stories by angie 5 Likes
    Created 22 Jan 17 ●Last updated: 5 months ago

    My Favourite Books Of Authors.

  • whateves
    A list with 13 stories by harrystyles500 1 Likes
    Created 22 Feb 16 ●Last updated: 1 years ago

    what gives

  • Top 10 Amazeballs Movella's!
    A list with 6 stories by _JustABrit 7 Likes
    Created 18 Feb 14 ●Last updated: 7 months ago

    These are some books you MUST check out! The writing is just Amazeballs ( Thanks @CorkyPorky you've gotten me addicted to this word now) You won't regret reading them :)

  • Good FanFictions
    A list with 5 stories by TheLoneSeanachaí 1 Likes
    Created 17 Feb 14 ●Last updated: 5 years ago

    Okay, I'm not a massive fan of fanfictions, most of them are too unoriginal and are basically erotica. But here's a list of Fanfictions which I feel are excellently written and are tasteful

  • Favorite 1D Movellas
    A list with 6 stories by Oliverox 7 Likes
    Created 21 Oct 13 ●Last updated: 5 months ago

    This List Has All Of My Favourite 1D Movellas!

  • Great Fanfictions
    A list with 31 stories by sabasadas 8 Likes
    Created 12 Oct 13 ●Last updated: 1 years ago

    These are some great stories I read, but they're not in order.

  • My Fave Fanfictions
    A list with 16 stories by LittleMissPriss 7 Likes
    Created 27 Aug 13 ●Last updated: 2 years ago

    My faves! Read them and show the authors some love! They deserve it!