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I'm patenting, copyrighting, trademarking, and registering this idea. Mon. June 8th, 4:11 AM, 2015 You can ask for a name, though I may not be able to give you one if I don't know you well enough. If I give you two, please pick one.

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    working on my five year plan, just need to choose a font.   
    Nolan Of The Daleks
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    Midnight Rogue
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    Hi all! :) Just wanted to let you know that we have a new Creative Writing Workshop starting on April 16th! For more info or to take a look at our programme plans, contact us at: creativewritingworkshop@outloo...   
    Shadow Dancer or Swift Shadow
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    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
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    (Is it too much to ask people to like, comment, and favourite if they really enjoy a story? Is it too much to ask people to follow if they like an author on here? No? Cool) Profile pic by Carmie-chan! ...   
    Grace Of The Brave
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    •-•Rhianna Temp. Leave•-•
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    I am on temporary leave. If you have any questions or comments, I will get back to you when I come back. Or you can email me at I'm sorry for your inconvenience. "EWWWWW...   
    Drops Of Rain
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    hello I'm an overly enthusiastic piece of trash If you're going to be really awesome and read any of my work, I'd suggest the following: -When the World Falls to Darkness (if you're into longer fantasy...   
    Soul Fire

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