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This movella teaches you straightforward the grammar of Japanese. From 助詞 to 動詞, you will be able to get a complete and organised movella that includes all major particles and essential grammatical usages to make cool Japanese sentences! 行きましょうね!


11. や • Implicit Particle; Whining Ending

This particle is used quite a lot and is the buddy of と, the additive particle. As you get more comfortable with the particles, you'll most likely be using や a lot more than you'd expect.



The particle や is very simple, and it really only has one usage. This is the Japanese version of the "Etc." in English. You can imply that other things are included but not important. This is a little different from と because this particle lets you imply other things that don't need to be explicitly stated. Particle と, on the other hand, is all explicit and should only be used to make direct and clear statements.


• 犬好きです。= I like dogs and cats (and the like).

• 犬猫が好きです。 = I like dogs and cats (only).


Keep note that, just like the particle も, you will need や after each noun you're compiling into a noun phrase. と does not. Do not mix them up!



Whining Ending

You can place や at the end of your sentence to indicate a whining or complaining tone. Most of the time you will use this when what you are saying is something that you are not happy about.


遅い 【おそ・い】= Late

寝る 【ね・る】= To sleep

昨夜 【ゆう・べ】= Last night

忘れる 【わす・れ・る】= To forget

お弁当 【お・べん・とう】= Box lunch


• 昨夜遅く寝た。= Aw man, I went to sleep so late last night.

• お弁当を忘れちゃった。= Crap, I forgot my lunch box today.



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