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    Hey... so I hope this isn’t offensive, really I don’t wana be rude it seems like you have struggled through a lot and I know it hurts, and I’m not just saying that I really do but I’m just scared for the young readers on Movellas that may see this and start bad habits, although it is a way to vent for you I know I would not be so far gone as I am now if I wasn’t introduced to these kinds of things when I was younger, the cover is a lil bit triggering and maybe for the courtesy of others you could put a warning or discretion in the blurb and start of your story. I admire your confidence to put ur self out there and be someone others can relate to and that you are being real with ur thoughts and feelings but like i said before I’m just concerned about other people, I hope for the best for you that you find a reason to live and a way to be happy, again all that was just suggestions it’s ur life but also something to think bout ❤️ xoxo - A