Mumble Discussioni: Reason why i'm not active.

  • Katrin'Hasager

    mumbled "Reason why i'm not active."

    Hey guys.
    You are proberly wondering why i havent updated in a while, and now i think its time you find out why.
    I went to the doctor last week or something, and i got dignosed with a though depression.
    which means that i wont be able to write at the moment.
    i have my days, where i'm happy and write a few but i have even more days when i'm so down and just wanna sit in a corner in my room alone and cry.

    I hope you guys understand, and still will be here when i feel better and have the strench to start writing again.

    thanks for following me.
    I'll keep you updated on twitter. @KatrinHasager

    4 years ago
    hope you feel better and i do understand - Destanie
    just a band lover
    Of course I understand! Hope you get Well soon ��