Mumble Discussioni: Ever Ever After!!

  • NoshLoveChild

    mumbled "Ever Ever After!! "

    okay, thank you to everyone who wanted to have a part in my story!! here's the list:

    Niall's girlfriend: Callie (my character, im sorry to anyone who wanted Niall!!)
    Harry's Girlfriend: ElizabethStyles
    Liam's girlfriend: OfficialLottie_Tommo (Cheyanne)
    Louis' girlfrined: Justheretowrite (izzy)
    Zayn's girlfriend: Angelic
    Callie's best friends: Niall Irish Horan (Angie) & Darksunshine
    Yay! Thank you! Oh and my real name is Elizabeth if you didnt know. Lol.
    6 years ago
    Thanks Love!