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    My favourite books on Movellas!

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    Paranormal and Fantasy themed.

  • Original Creations
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    I have a huge amount of respect for people who can write their own stories and not just fan fiction (fan fiction is amazing also) so this list honors those who are especially creative

  • Best Fictions
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    Fiction favs

  • List of My Movellas
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    Just a list of my movellas, just the solo ones.

  • To Read
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    These are the books I'm going to read - if you're on this list, it means I fully intend to read your book but it may take me a while. :) When I first came here, I didn't read many books by other people and just kept the ones I did in my favourites.

  • Movellas I LOVE
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    You should definately read these movellas (no particular order)

  • The Best Movellas
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    These are some of the best Sci-fi and Fantasy movellas around. Check them out.