A place for all you new Movellians to upload your first Movella (and only your first!). A safe place for newcomers. Maybe one of our more experienced users will come here and give you expert criticism. If you're really lucky the Movellas team will choose something from here for their weekly update of the Editor's Pick.

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I wanna read your new Movellas!
by Rozayn Malik
823 Apr 14, 05:59 by Zalenia
Looking for opinions ! Come read my first movella pls :)
by Brend92
022 Apr 14, 10:27 by Brend92
Need help, adice, anything?
by TheWanted_and_1D
021 Apr 14, 03:50 by TheWanted_and_1D
I'd love to have my Divergent fanfiction reviewed!
by Dara Quinn
014 Apr 14, 20:15 by Dara Quinn
please tell me what you think about my book ?
by xxx_Elke_xxx
014 Apr 14, 14:21 by xxx_Elke_xxx
Looking For A Good CRITIC!!!????
by SadieLove
1110 Apr 14, 21:12 by raiarna ravenclaw
Looking for a good critic?
by Wolf~Go~Rawrsey
7110 Apr 14, 21:09 by raiarna ravenclaw
My FIRST Movella!!
by Elly Beard
025 Mar 14, 02:08 by Elly Beard
Me gustaría mucho que leyeran mi primer capitulo de mi Movella.
by Madokami-chama
017 Mar 14, 18:25 by Madokami-chama
heeey everyone
by mickymouse101
09 Mar 14, 12:45 by mickymouse101
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