A place for all you new Movellians to upload your first Movella (and only your first!). A safe place for newcomers. Maybe one of our more experienced users will come here and give you expert criticism. If you're really lucky the Movellas team will choose something from here for their weekly update of the Editor's Pick.

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I wanna read your new Movellas!
by Rozayn Malik
2015 Dec 14, 17:13 by Jackie L.
by CakeHoodings97
15 Dec 14, 15:06 by CakeHoodings97
Looking for a good critic?
by Wolf~Go~Rawrsey
773 Dec 14, 16:42 by predictably_predictable
by _Forever__Me__
422 Sep 14, 21:55 by catzmg.x
want feedback?
by liamniallzaynandmeee
01 Sep 14, 02:05 by liamniallzaynandmeee
Review mine plzzz !!!!
by Sandy_bizzle
030 Aug 14, 13:28 by Sandy_bizzle
First Movella Critic?
by imSoTumblrX
01 Aug 14, 02:07 by imSoTumblrX
Like Vampires? Werewolves? Mermaids?
by Dreamer5707
030 Jun 14, 06:07 by Dreamer5707
Looking For A Good CRITIC!!!????
by SadieLove
1218 Jun 14, 14:33 by streetuer
Check out my movella 'the girl who stalked the corridor'
by olympiuslu
027 May 14, 21:58 by olympiuslu
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