Here we talk about different ideas us Directioners want to include in our fan fictions. If you want advice, have writers block or just feel like fangirling, then this is the group to join.

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My book
by celeste8999
013 Nov 14, 21:13 by celeste8999
Can anyone make a fan fiction cover?
by Hazzaler19
04 Nov 14, 00:59 by Hazzaler19
Anyone in need of a Video for there book?
by Mystery_Horan_Girl
011 Aug 14, 23:19 by Mystery_Horan_Girl
Can you read my story please!!
by Ladyinred
011 Aug 14, 18:15 by Ladyinred
please read my book!!
by Ladyinred
011 Aug 14, 18:13 by Ladyinred
by 16_Nina_16
028 May 14, 03:49 by 16_Nina_16
by frogsical
017 May 14, 15:23 by frogsical
Read my book please!!!!
by 1DStoleMyHeart_NiallAteIt
126 Apr 14, 02:52 by nottocoolfor1d2
by iluvenature
015 Apr 14, 05:04 by iluvenature
Please tell me what you think about my book ?
by MynameIs
014 Apr 14, 14:22 by MynameIs
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