If you struggle to finish your stories and need ideas well this is the group for you! We can swap ideas and get your stories completed!

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by C.Warren
111 Mar 14, 12:10 by Anything Is Possible
by Tasha Muaah
111 Mar 14, 12:06 by Anything Is Possible
Sweet And Sour
by TeenagerinProgress
111 Mar 14, 12:05 by Anything Is Possible
Idea Bubble
by Anything Is Possible
14 Feb 14, 17:20 by Anything Is Possible
i am the admin and if you need help quickly ask here and I will rell you lots of my ideas!
by Anything Is Possible
4121 Dec 13, 23:03 by Becky379
Tips for the desperate ;)
by Just_Judith
16 Apr 13, 16:27 by Mirlotta
Sci fi story help!
by Mirlotta
06 Apr 13, 02:02 by Mirlotta
by Rebecca Harrigan
24 Apr 13, 23:42 by Mirlotta
by Steven Bowes
023 Mar 13, 22:31 by Steven Bowes
Can't add a photo
by Edie Bee
11 Mar 13, 18:52 by Redfoxkitts
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