This is a group for serious writers who want to give and get feedback - and who can handle constructive criticism. It might be hard to hear, but it's the only way to get better! We'll exchange feedback and advice on how to get published.

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by Mirlotta
211 May 13, 19:32 by PeterVermont
Hejsa alle sammen!
by Kikki
228 Mar 12, 19:36 by Kikki
Who wants a read?
by Nick777
623 Mar 14, 09:56 by JabberJay
Feedback? :)
by JabberJay
023 Mar 14, 09:50 by JabberJay
I need help critiquing my story!
by E.M. Marmet
021 Feb 14, 20:57 by E.M. Marmet
by Snowy Writer
021 Feb 14, 12:23 by Snowy Writer
Feedback for feedback
by DownFall
129 Jan 14, 22:35 by elizabeth414
Could somebody give me feedback?
by LunaClipse
11 Jan 14, 21:46 by Kennedy Shadownight
by Kennedy Shadownight
01 Jan 14, 21:22 by Kennedy Shadownight
critic fot critic
by iCantHearYouTMI
520 Dec 13, 14:55 by Xoxo_onedirection_xoxo
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