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  • One Direction

    Created: May • 2012
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    Calling all One Direction fans! Here is the chance to share stories, ideas or general gossip about the One Direction boys.
  • First Movellas

    Created: Jun • 2012
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    A place for all you new Movellians to upload your first Movella (and only your first!). A safe place for newcomers. Maybe one of our more experienced users will come here and give you expert criticism. If you're really lucky the Movellas team will...
  • Directioners Ahoy!

    Created: Jun • 2012
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    Here we talk about different ideas us Directioners want to include in our fan fictions. If you want advice, have writers block or just feel like fangirling, then this is the group to join.
  • Serious Authors

    Created: Jun • 2012
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    If you are looking for more feedback than "good.", join. Here we write serious feedback, and more than just one or two sentences!
  • Want Feedback?

    Created: Jul • 2012
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    Everyone is welcome! In this group we discuss other peoples books and give them feedback. I will give you better feedback than 'good.' I hope you find this group useful, just tell me what your Movella is called and i will find it and give you some...
  • Bootcamp

    Created: Mar • 2012
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    This is a group for serious writers who want to give and get feedback - and who can handle constructive criticism. It might be hard to hear, but it's the only way to get better! We'll exchange feedback and advice on how to get published.
  • Fanfiction 1D!

    Created: Jul • 2012
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    Love One Direction? Well, then this is your group. Have trouble finding the best Fanfics you haven't read? Join this group, and read other's fanfics, upload your own, and in the discussions, write ANYTHING 1D, movellas or book wise.
  • For Movellas that are NOT about 1D

    Created: Sep • 2012
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    For people who don't write One Direction fanfictions and feel like their stories don't have enough views. I will try to read a movella written by each member. For each story you add, try reading something written by somebody else! :) x (Note: other...
  • 1D!!!

    Created: Jul • 2012
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    This is for people who are 1D ^MAD^
  • One Direction New Writters

    Created: Aug • 2012
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    Post your first stories here, obviously about One Direction and hopefully we will try and get you reads :) I will read any that are posted and give you feedback that hopefully is positive :) Have fun writting :)

    Created: Jun • 2012
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    This group is for those of you who have had enough of those soppy 'i don't care what you wrote just read mine' comments. Those of you who wish to receive constructive critical feedback and want to improve your work to make it perfect. I f you are...
  • 1D fanfic

    Created: Aug • 2012
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    Love 1D? perfect! share your fanfics, discuss 1D, meet other people who love 1d :))
  • (English) One Direction Stories

    Created: Sep • 2012
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    Fan Fiction Stories about One Direction. Also they HAVE to be in English
  • Romance

    Created: May • 2012
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    For people who love to write about the greatest thing in the world. Love...
  • Fantasy Fans

    Created: May • 2012
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    For those who love, write or live fantasy stories. Come her to bounce off ideas, recommend reads, and spread the word about your movella!
  • City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)

    Created: Jul • 2013
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    Sixteen-year-old Clary Fray is an ordinary teenager, who likes hanging out in Brooklyn with her friends. But everything changes the night she witnesses a murder, committed by a group of teens armed with medieval weaponry.... For the next month...
  • Directioners

    Created: Jul • 2012
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    NO DIRECTIONATERS Must have 1 or more fan fiction books Join!!
  • One Direction Directioners!

    Created: Jul • 2012
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    Hey guys, I made this group for DIRECTIONERS! LNL! Not directionATORS, but directionERS! Plz join, it will mean the WORLD to me :)!
  • !!!One Direction!!!

    Created: Aug • 2012
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    This group is for anyone to talk about 1D, Promote there 1D based stories and other stuff.
  • Reading Club: Poetry

    Created: Mar • 2012
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    A group for all who love writing poetry. Join us if you like reading poems and want to share your thoughts. We can also read each others work and discuss it, if anyone feels like sharing their own poems.
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