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    She saw sex as an expression of the wild instinct of human beings, and as such would be let loose every time you felt like. He liked sex and what he was passionate about being on top of a man and feel that it was dominating. It did not matter the size of the penis of boys, all they cared about was that something was inside her, moving and when there was quenching his thirst. Also thought the size was not important, but the technique. He had been with many men with tiny cock, and some of them moved as if they were born to fuck women and also made her touch the sky with each thrust.

    Lorena was the kind of woman he did not care what others felt it, she was happy with what he did, whether it was bad as if it was good.
    Her parents had driven from home by his behavior, saying it was shameful and that would bring the family curse.

    His first thought was to become a prostitute and that the work would be a natural fit and so well unleash their passion get money. He dismissed the idea because he thought of how hard it is that life, fights with other prostitutes, customers, patients, clients or evil psychopaths ... Definitely not, not going to be a prostitute.

    A friend agreed to host Lorena at home, while she looked for work and floor. The coexistence of the two was relatively easy, got along very well and between them there was much confidence and chemistry. Lorena's friend, Lisa, was bisexual. That was no problem for the two, Lorraine was sure Lisa did not look with different eyes, but as you can only look at a friend who loves it.

    Lorena's stay at the home of Lisa was longer and the first ever felt pressured to look for a flat to affordable, something that was not. What he found was work, he had access to an endless number of men, was a masseuse at a spa where guys came every few minutes and a lot of them were very good.

    With his new job Lisa Lorraine offered a lump sum of 600 euros in expenses for electricity, water, heating, floor ... although initially resisted Lisa receive that money, finally gave up because I needed it.

    One day, Lorraine was in his room, watching a movie, when it appeared a scene in which the protagonists were fucking and making love (the difference between the two is that when two people go completely fucked instinct savage, brutal and to make love and there is a feeling among the actors, is so passionate, but without brutality, is not only an exchange of fluids, but of feelings that have more to do with love than with instinct. Two lovers can fuck, but the first few times you go to bed, make love, sweet, sweet ...). Lorena is greatly excited and started masturbating.

    First, touched her breasts, licked the nipple and that excited her more. He pulled her panties wet and she had long since been introduced index finger into her vagina, that slid into her as if she had put lubricant. With the thumb began to stroke her clit. Mietras left hand kept touching her breasts. The left index finger and giving pleasure to introduce another finger to help him, although it was not satisfied.

    Completely undressed and went to Lisa's room to see if she could make all the pleasure you give it needed at the time. No thought of the consequences this could have for your friendship, your body needed penetration, pleasure or anything ... if I could give her friend, the street would get it.

    He put his hand on the doorknob Lisa's room and noticed he was trembling, not knowing whether to fear or excitement ... TO BE CONTINUED
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