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  • K. E. valerie
    asombroso... me encanta.... le mi novela.... tambien esta en español
    The Orphanage
    The Orphanage
    Un dia que para mi nunca salio el sol..... Me llamo Elaine fui Asesinada el 8 de febrero de 1990.... Fui una estupida al insistirle a mi padre ir a esa mansion.. Entre a esa mansion escapada de...
  • K. E. valerie

    mumbled "first day."

    hi, my name is valerie, and Im writing here in MOVELLAS, to get out my depression, what im going to write is a real history, and I hope u enjoy it....
    with all my love,
    K. E. Valerie
  • K. E. valerie
    perfect.... I just cant see why people dont follow u, its perfect.. an it needs to have an interesting ending, so keep writing
    Summer Love (Harry Styles)
    Summer Love (Harry...
    My name is ______, ______ Horan, yes, Im Niall's sister, I have a twin sister named Brooklyn, she's cruel, evil, and mean, her best friends are Emma, Vanessa, and Perrie, they're known as 'The Plastics'...
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