After 4 weeks, all have been well on Paris, but not like FOREVER. Remember, the first kiss to the just a little touch, and all is broken. Elsa make an error, something you can't control, something you can't wait, cause the time...flash back. When you trust in have to see what's inside the heart...

0Me gustan


Skylar was in her bed, she was reading a book called 'The Call' from D.E. James. But then she heard a knock on her door, again. Skylar get up, and throw the book to the bed, as she walked to the door, afraid of opening it. And when she did, there was...

"Elsa?" Skylar whispered, excited and scared at the same time, while her heart beats fast. Elsa was standing in the edge of the door.

"Hi, Skylar." She said, crying.

"Do you let me in?" Elsa asked.

I wake up, my neck hurts. And the worst thing, I can't remember why, all my mind remember is that Kevin kissed me, and touched me, and nothing more. My eyes looked next to me, to look at Kevin, who was leaning in my bed, shirtless and with my sheet around his body. I was in my black bra and panties.

Wait. Did I just really sleep best friend? How? Well, he's handsome and good but...I don't have more words. I though. My stand up, and go to the mirror, when my eyes look at the mirror, they see a bite on my neck. It's red and still, have blood around the bite, like if it were minutes ago.

I look at Kevin, but he wasn't in the bed anymore. I go to the closet, and took a white shirt with blue jeans and convers, with a jacket that hide the bite of my neck.

"Okay, don't think on yourself."

I said to myself.

"And where's Jack?" Skylar asked to Elsa, who was sitting with her in the sofa. Elsa look away, and took the coffee from the table and take a sip.

"He is...I don't know." She said. Skylar look at her hand and see a tattoo. Some words like 'no.2' then Skylar look at her eyes again. Then she grab Elsa by her neck and throw her to the floor.

"So, you discover me." Elsa said.

"You're not Elsa, you're Snow." Skylar kick her head, letting Snow knocked out, in the floor. I was going downstairs. I go to the kitchen and see Elsa's body on the floor, her eyes were closed as same her lips, and her hands were opened.

"She's not Elsa, stay away from her, Palmer."

I heard my mother said. She was walking to me, with a pink short dress and black shoes. There's a gray long stake in her left hand, it looks like a knife. My mother hunched next to Snow, and hit her with the stake in the chest.

Snow's body started to bleed, and blood started to come all over the floor.

"Go to school, now."



Mom ordered me. Without letting me speak or know who Snow was. But she was exactly the same Elsa, same hands and face, and even hair, there was nothing different. Well, maybe her heart as well.

I get out of the house, slamming the door behind me.

"Hey!" Kevin said. He was standing in front of me, next to a black car Toyota. That was his car, he wore a black jacket with a white shirt and black jeans and black convers.

"Hi." I said to him, with a big smile. He put his hands in my back, like he did yesterday, and kissed my forehead.

"So, are you going on my car?"

He joked while he step back, and looked at my eyes.

"I have a question." I said.


"Did you bite me?"

Then he stare at me, lifting an eyebrow. He looked confused, but in shock at the same time. It were both, confused and shocked. Then he extend his left hand to my jacket, and opened it, to see the bite. The bite was still, red and big with blood. Kevin step back and turned to the other way, giving me his back.

"I'm so sorry, Palmer." He whispered. "I'm a vampire, half wolf. So, I can walk by the day, but my problem was that I smelled your neck. My mind lost control, as same my body, and when my fangs come out, it was too late. Then I bite you, and I didn't wanted to hurt you."

"So, will I transform?"

"Yes, in a few hours, you will have to feed. Feed animal blood, that's the only blood for now. The human one, will make you crazy or even a killer of the night, and I don't want that."

Skylar was burning the body of Snow, in the forest. She sat in the ground, staring at the body, which was vanishing by the fire.

"Hi." Jason said next to her. He was sitting next to her in the ground, watching the body. He wore a purple shirt with some blue pants and black converses. Skylar didn't turned or even speak, but she can't heard him. He's now invisible.

"How are you? Please, I wish you could heard me. My punishment is begin invisible, so you can't heard me or touch me or speak to you." He paused. And looked at the sky. "Skylar, I have to tell you something that maybe, you won't believe, because you still, not remember about all. I still love you, and I won't forget you never, Sky. You were my first love, and in my heart, it will be forever. Because when love dies, Hope borns."

Then he disappears, going away. Skylar took the phone from her pocket of the dress. And saw a message of an unknown number, it reads,

Look, behind you.

Then Skylar turned around, and saw Dave. He was in front of her, with a big smile and white teeth with good smell. He wore a black jacket, combined with a white shirt with blue pants and brown male boots.

"Who...are you?" Skylar asked him. Dave roll his eyes and sighed.

"Okay, my name is Dave. I saved your boyfriend, however his name is, and disappear. And I met a little bit your daughter, Palmer. So, I come here to visit her, where's she?"

"Well, she is in her school, and why would you visit her, if you don't know so much about her?"

"Because I need her help, she's the most powerful."

"She was." Skylar said. Then Dave lift an eyebrow and put his hands in his waist.

"I haven't tell, Palmer. But when we get here, she was still in shock, she couldn't even move or speak. When we put her in the table, she extend her hand to her own feet, and nothing happened. Then we discover that she was human, her powers go away, and now she's here, like a normal girl."

Dave moves to the house, and walk inside of it. When he found my room, he went inside and look around the room, searching for something. And when he found Elsa's paper that appear in my room, he took it and hide it on his pocket.

I was in the school, with Kevin. My eyes were looking right to the teacher, his words grow big on my ears and my head is a little dizzy. All hurts me, like if someone just fight with me and let me knock out. The teacher now looked in pixels, the voice was almost broken.

"Could I go to the bathroom? Please." I said. The teacher turned to me, then he hunched next to me, and asked me if everything was okay, and all my mouth said was "Yes."

When I go to the bathroom, I close the door behind me, and lock it. There was a girl that was staring at me now. She have blonde hair and green eyes with white skin. She wore an orange short dress with some sandals.

"Are you, okay?" The girl asked. My body walked to her, without looking away, all that my eyes looked, were her neck. She was so pale, that her neck, could show the veins in her neck. I look right in the girl's eyes.

"You will forget what happened before I could leave you, and right now when I finish you will run, hard so I will not find you."

Then I started to suck her blood, it was fresh and sweet. But then someone grabbed my arm, and pushed me to the door. It was Kevin, he must be mad with me.

"I tell you to wait, and to not take people!" Kevin yelled me. Then I was losing balance, and fall to the floor, "Palmer? Palmer!" He said. Skylar was sitting in her bed, almost asleep. A fragment come to my mind.

"You were tell me something. What was that something, Sky?" He asks her, Skylar look away trying to hide her tears and closed her eyes, "We have to...broke up, Jason." Skylar said. Jason look down, he was about to cry, "I'm sorry." Skylar said as Jason get up and walks to the door, he was crying. He closed the door of the room slowly,

"I won't let you go, Skylar." Jason says as he turn around and look at her, Skylar was crying hard but then he kissed her, "Please-" She started but he kissed her more harder, "I love you, Sky. I promise that I won't let you go never."

Then the fragment finished and she run to a box, she had on her room. Skylar opened it and stare at the photo.

"I remember you, Jason..." She whispered, and when she turned around, he was standing there, but she couldn't see him.

"Hope born." He whispered.

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