After 4 weeks, all have been well on Paris, but not like FOREVER. Remember, the first kiss to the just a little touch, and all is broken. Elsa make an error, something you can't control, something you can't wait, cause the time...flash back. When you trust in have to see what's inside the heart...

0Me gustan



"Is Sidney Walker, taking on Clever News today, to report a case where we found a few bodies, laying on the ground on Central Park of Florida. The bodies doesn't have any marks or even blood, but I hope we will find the assesine. Soon."

"Ugh." My mother said, she was in the sofa, with my dad, Peter, who was now working on the CIA. I know, that's a great work but he always work the weekends, what means he's almost not here all the time. Today, is Wednesday and he is going to work at the 11:09 p.m. on the Central of Florida.

"Why do you said 'ugh'?" Peter asked Skylar, with his low voice and a little bit kidding, making a joke.

"I said that cause she's a bitch, Peter."

Skylar said. He laugh and looked down and then back at her, with his dark brown eyes that have the shadow of his black past inside. Skylar took his hand saying: "Come here." then he kissed her, taking her hand to his chest.

"Okay, that was totally a nasty thing."

I said. Going downstairs, with my black boots and a black jeans with my brown long hair, combined with a pink shirt and a black nails. I know, a kiss can be romantic, but for me, it wasn't. I just had theories.

My theories were 1. Love sucks. And 2. I haven't kiss anyone. I felt something for my uncle Jack, that was some secret my mind always hide. He was very good with me. Always. I wonder if he or Elsa could be alive, if they could come back.

"C'mon, it's not so nasty." My father said. I rolled my eyes and go to the kitchen, where I see Alex there. Exactly, he live with us now, what's a annoying thing because he really makes me mad.

"Hi." I say to him, with a smile, that could notice that the smile is not of happiness. He turned around to me.

"Hi, how are you?" He asked me. I rolled my eyes and kept walking, but then he grab my hand and kissed it, but I just rolled my eyes and kept walking to the door.

"Honey, your boyfriend is here." My mother said.

"He's not my 'boyfriend' mom, he's Kevin Bett, and he's my best friend."

I said. Kevin Bett, was my best friend in this city. Well, more specific:Paris. He lives exactly next to my door, what means that he is my neighborhood. I go to the door and opened it. When I saw him, his hair was different. He had brown hair, but now is a black one.

"Hi, Palmer." He said, looking at me and then at my mother. I bite my lip and spoke.

"Hi, Kevin. What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just..." He paused, "Do you...want to go with me to the movie theater?"

"Oh, yeah. We can go."


He said. I closed the door and look at mom and dad, who were standing in the kitchen, looking at me. With smiles and making hearts with their hands.

"Not going to happen. Besides, I think I'm not going to the movie theater."

I go to my room. My backpack was in the floor, almost broken by Kevin. He throw it from the roof and it fall in the next house-where he lives-but then I heard papers in my table, I have a lot but only one was moving.

I take the paper and it read,

Take us out, Palmer. I beg you.


"Elsa?" I whispered. "She's alive."

"And you were saying that the note wasn't going to Palmer's hands?"

Jack asked to Elsa. She laugh and kissed him back.

"Well, I will write in my private diary."

"So, the sexy girl is going to write in her diary. "

"Shut up." She joked. Then she walked to the diary, that was in the floor or most say, in the ground. She hunch and took it. And when she opened, it was Jack's diary. His private most loved diary, that is forbidden to read by another person.

"I shouldn't read it."

She whispered. But then she saw something that let her eyes stay in shock, as same her heart. It read:

This is wrong. I don't even know so much about her. About Palmer. I'm his uncle, and something is happening to me. Everyday she touch me or grab my hand, I feel her skin and her blood. I think I'm falling on her, but I won't tell Elsa, not now. Maybe never, now that I am dying.

Elsa closed the diary, and when she turned around, Jack was behind her.

"Are you, okay?"

He asked. Elsa throw the diary away and slapped him in his face. "No! I'm not okay, you felt something for a little girl, and you didn't tell me."

Elsa said. She started to cry, as she turned around, giving to him her back. Jack grab her arm.

"I'm so-"

"Don't dare to say 'sorry', Jack."

Then he let go her hand and turned to the other way. A tear started to fall from his eyes and his lips started to shake. When Elsa was walking away, he spoke.

"I was blind, Elsa." He started. Then she stopped. "I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I can't believe that I fell for a little girl, so seems like a girl of 15 years and she have 8. I was so stupid! And I realized...that you were right, I'm a fool, Elsa. What just happened to me?"

Elsa walk to him, and then she hugged him. He was crying hard and loud.

"Forgive me, Elsa." He said. Elsa hug him more and whispered something in his ear, "I forgive you." She said, looking down, at his diary, that was next to them.

I was in my room, reading a book called 'Z' what means zombies.

"What am I doing?" I asked myself. "I'm supposed to get dressed." I get up of my bed and walk to the closet.

"Mom! Please, help me!" I said. Then the door opened, and my mom went inside. She wore a pink short dress with black shoes, and a gray jacket over her shoulders.

"Didn't you said that they were 'just friends'?"

I rolled my eyes and turned to the closet. She sighed and walked to me, slowly.

"What if you put this jeans?" She said taking out a black jeans from my closet. "And this shirt, with this jacket, you will look really cute."

"Thanks, mom." I said. She smiled and kissed my forehead, saying, "You welcome, Palmer." She step back, to look at my eyes. Then she leave the room, giving me privacy to change clothes.

"Here we go." I whispered. Skylar was walking around her room, then she heard a knock on her door. Skylar turned to the door, lifting a eyebrow and looked around her. She walked to the door and opened it. Then it was Kevin.

"Hi, miss Johnson." He said. Skylar smiled.

"Hi, Kevin. Palmer is dressing, she will come soon."

She said. Kevin put his feet in the floor, at the edge of the floor, and come in. I walked downstairs, with a black jeans with black shoes and a blue jacket, that covered my chest and neck. My hair was curled down and my lipstick was red like blood, with black nails.

"Hi, Kevin." I said.

"Hi, Palmer."

We get out of the house, and get into his Toyota car. All the road was silent, we didn't move or talk, this wasn't how I imaginated. This was just awkward, until we stopped in the parking lot of the movie theater. I look at him, with a smile, just to give him some hope.

"Well, what movie do you want to see?"

"What movies are there?"

"Let's see, 'Unbroken', Into The Woods', and 'Horrible Bosses'."

"Well, I choose...'Into The Woods' it seems to be the perfect movie."

"Okay, then we will see it."

He said. The movie started, and all where listening to the movie. And in a moment all get cold. Kevin grab my hand and twisted his fingers in mine, what does this moment more akward.

"Can we go to another place?" I whispered in his ear. He nod, and then we go home. We walked to the door of my house, then he kissed me. He put his hands in my back, pulling me more closer to his chest. I opened the door as he kissed me, and closed the door behind him. I took his shirt off, seeing his chest and his perfect soft skin. And when he pushed me to the bed, he jumped over my body, and started to kiss my neck.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered as he kissed my neck. Sorry? What do he wants to mean with sorry? I though, then he step back to look at me.


And then his eyes turned red and a fangs come out, bitting my neck, and making me scream.

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