Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan


7:00 a.m.

I wake up. I was in a bed. The first face I see, was Skylar's face. She's sitting on a chair next to my bed. Skylar wore a pink top with gray jeans and brown boots.

"What happened? Where are you going?"

I ask. I didn't remember what happened yesterday or what I even did. I shake my head an stare at her. Skylar makes an smile.

"You almost kill me and now, I'm going to my university."

She says as she get up from the chair. I stare at her.

" I in Paris?"

I asks.

"Yes. Maybe your wolf brough you here."

"Wow, I didn't believe that I can do that."

"Yep. Now, bye bye I...have to go."

Skylar says as she turned around and give me her back.

"Wait! Where is Jason?"

I asks. She turned around and look at me.


"Don't let me alone. Remember. Today, full moon. I can transform and kill someone."

I said. Skylar roll her eyes and go away.


I whisper. Then I tried to get up but I'm tired. I still feel some broke bones. Rose was in the shower, she get out with a towel. Then she walk to the room, where Peter was in the bed. With a full bottle of Heineken. Then she sat in front of him.

"Hi, bae."

Peter said to her. Rose laugh as she kissed him back.

"Hi. So tell me more about you, cause I think we were just drunk and we didn't meet so much."

"Well, sorry. But I think that the night was over, I was just...drunk. So, I will go away."

He said as he get up and closed his jeans. Then he took hid white shirt and put it on his body. Peter go away, making a smile to her. Rose stay in the bed. Surprised that a guy could do that other. Leaving her. Using her. Rose took a little red knife she had hidden on her towel, and throw it to the wall.


She said angry. Elsa wake up, she look around her. This time, she was in a room. There where orange walls and a big golden mirror. Elsa was in a big bed, with a white sheet, that had orange butterflies. She look at her hands. Her eyes wasn't green again. Edwin and I were sitting in front of her. Next to her bed. Skylar was standing in the edge of the door.

"What just...happened?"

Elsa said. We look each other, looking for an answer. And who will said the answer. But then Skylar and Edwin looked at me.

"You fall asleep, and we brough you here."

"You are lying!"

Elsa said. Then I looked away. In shame. But afraid.

"Okay, you were changing. And the true is're an original now. Remember, the vampires have three phases. One was begin hybrid. The two, was begin a vampire. The three, an original."

I said to her. She look down at her hand, like if something have her. Then when I look down at her hand, my hand was on her hand. Then Elsa put her hand away slowly. She seemed sad. Sad and angry. Then her eyes turned to Skylar.

10:45 a.m.

Jason was working in his job, as he take one of the clothes, he put a bottle covered of a blank font in his mouth and drink of it. It was pure human blood. Avory was walking around the city, she was looking for something. Jason stare at her, through the mirror. She look at him, then a smile come out and she winks an eye. Then Jason's eyes were yellow. Like if she could ignotice him. Then Jason followed her, his eyes still yellow. Lost. Lost and blind. I look at the sky, I was sitting in the ground. I wore a blue shirt with black jeans. Elsa sat next to me, she stare at the sky too.


She said. I turned to her.

"Why what?"

"Why do you...said to me to kill you?"

"Cause, this was my first transformation. Now, I will be a wolf forever. I can't control myself. If I bite you...or kill you...I won't life."

I said crying. Elsa stare at me, she hug me. She started to cry.



"I...don't know, but during this 3 years, I have been dreaming and Jason."

"You and Jason?"

"Yes. It always start that I'm running from a black big wolf following me. And that he appears with white big wings and kill the wolf. Then he hug me, and we start to cry. But what does that means?"

I look away. Trying to realize her dream. Taking all the fragments of her dream as she said how it was. She put her hand in my shoulder, it's so cold that I can almost wish and imagine her touching me again. As we did once. Once that I pushed her to the wall and kissed her with my own lips. It was so intence, so romantic. I wish that could happen again, but it results that maybe, the wolf of her dream was me. Jason killed me and...stay with her. I realized the dream, how as she said it was. But I'm afraid to tell her, what if that put her frenetic or freak her out. Better try another thing or said the true.

"Jason...kills me. I'm the wolf, Elsa." I said to her. Elsa stare at me, with her half-open mouth. I know, when she does that, is that she's about to cry. That her eyes will come out with tears, and that the fear, will cover her body for complete.

"God!" She started looking away. From me.

"Why? Why me?!"

It was time for a hug. A hug can calm down her. That's what the people do when someone is crying. Best friends do that, even parents and sisters and brothers. It's my time, to do this. I hug her, putting her head in my chest and touching slowly her hair. That was one of the things I missed so much about her. Her brown dark hair. So soft and beautiful, like the hair of mermaids. I put my left hand on her shoulder, feeling her cold shoulder, and my hand warm it.

"Elsa, don't cry, that won't happen. I won't die."

I said to her.

8:56 p.m.

Skylar was in her bed, crying. She was watching a photo of her and Jason, making a funny face.

"He didn't come back?"

Edwin asks her. Skylar turned to him, she makes an smile with her lips.

"No. He...didn't come back tonight."

"Well, I...think I will go away."


Skylar said. He turned around and face her.

"Can you stay here? I'm afraid. I can't sleep."

Skylar said. Softly. Edwin sat next to her, then he lay on the bed. Skylar put her head on his chest and put her hand on his chest. Then she closed her eyes.

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