Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan


I wake up. All was dark. It seems like a dark and empty room. I tried to move, but I realize that my hands were tied on the sides of my chair. As same my feets, it was like the day, I saw Elsa with her eyes closed and tied with sleeves. I look at my hands. They were red as an apple. As if someone hit me there, then I feel a pain burning on my neck. It hurts, like being death. Well, that I though. Then the door of the room opens, in this moment, I know that someone is in here.

"Well, look at him. The new and modern Jack."

Constantine said. He wore a black jacket with black jeans and a white shirt with black boots. I laugh hard, like a joke. But it wasn't a joke.

"Where am I? What did you do with me?"

I said. Constantine laugh and sit in the floor in front of me. I stare at him, he started to laugh as a joke.

"Oh, Jack. You're a wolf now. Congrats friend."

Constantine said. I look away trying to not believe what he just said. The plane falls to the deep ocean with fire. Emily come out of the water, it seems like a little island. Her clothes were wet and black by the fire. As same her face was all black. Then she put her feets in the sand. Emily falls, to the sand. She was tired and most, burned. But then she look in front of her. There was a big castle, a gray and dark one. It most have 4,000,785 feets of big and hundreds rooms. Then Emily tried to get up again, when Emily get up, she started walk to the castle. Then she get to the doors of the castle,

"Hello? Is...someone there?" She continues. "I...just wanna went to eat, please help me!"

Emily said. Then the door opened. It was a man. He had black hair and a full blue eyes with pale skin. He wore a white shirt with black long pants and black boots. Emily look at his eyes.

"Are you, lost?" The guy continues, "Lady?"

Emily laugh. Emily hasn't heard the word 'lady' from years. That was odd. That word most be from 1765 or something.

"My name is Emily Marie Johnson."

Emily said with an smile. Then the guy stare at her. Serious. Without an smile. Even without a funny face. The smile of Emily, goes away. Replced by a serious face.

"We are the Johnson family. My name is Edward Marie Johnson."

Then Emily's eyes opened big. She can't believe it.

"Wait! What?"

She says.

"Exactly what you heard, Emily."

"I...don't get it. Then our mother had three kids?"

"More than three kids. We are 10."

Edward said. Then Emily stare at him. This was not a joke. Skylar wake up, on her room. On her bed. Jason was next to her. Sleeping. He has his arm around her. Skylar look at his hand, he look at his ring. The yellow gold ring. Then she get up slowly, trying to no wake up Jason. Then she walk to the bathroom. She took her white shirt off and get into the shower. Then Skylar go to her room, she took a black jacket and a white shirt followed by a black jeans with gray converse. She started to walk in the streets of Paris. Then she took her phone and go to contact's list. Skylar search all the contacts, but then she stops in Peter's contact. She tap on it. Peter was in his house, sitting on the bed. He was watching a picture about he and Sarah. Then his phone started to ring, he look at it. Then he take it.


He said. Skylar started to cry.

"Why do you go away, last night?"

Skylar asks. Peter look away, as he throw the photo away.

"I...I think that it was a little..." Then he continues, "Look, I like you. doesn't like me, Sky."

"But...I need you here. Please, I wanna know more about your past. More, Peter."

Skylar said. Peter look at the phone, then he power it off. Skylar put away the phone. She clean the tears from her eyes. Then she wait there, in the street #34 next to the houses of Le'mour. Then Peter come out, he wore a black jacket with white boots and black jeans. Skylar look at him, her eyes were red as same her nose. She looked sick. Peter hunch in front of her, she was sitting on a bank alone. Then he clean one of her tears.

"Are you, okay?"

He asks. His voice was soft as he could be afraid. Afraid of her.

"I'm now."

She said. Then he look at the sky, he stare at the sun.

"Hey, look at the sun. Isn't beautiful?"

Then Skylar look at the sun. But she look at him again. His eyes bright in the sky. Skylar smiles. Then she bite her lip.

"Okay, I wanna know more about you. So, can your mind?"

Skylar asks. Peter look at her, with an smile. Then he sat next to her.


He said. Then Skylar closed her eyes and put her arms around him. Then fragments come out. This time, Elsa was there. She had blonde hair. She was walking in a forest. It was snowing. She wore a gray long jacket with a blue dress. She was walking on the old street #66. Peter come out behind her,


He says. He was crying.

"I don't wanna talk to you, Peter."

She said. Then Peter walks to her, slowly and a little bit fast.

"Look, I know he loves you. But the thing is that...I love you."

Peter said. Then Elsa turned around and look at him.Then Peter kissed her lips slowly.

"I..." She started. but then she pushed him away. Elsa goes away, running faster than ever.

"Elsa! Please, come back!"

He screams crying. But then he stay there. Alone. Peter goes to a bar, he went through the door.

"I want one drink, please."

He said. To the man that was in front of him. Then a girl appear next to him, she hide her face with a black cap. Peter stare at her.

"Excuse me." He started. "Who are you?"

He asks. The girl stare at him. Then she take her cap off, showing the face of Skylar. Peter smiles to her. She makes an smile.

"My name is Peter"

"My name is Skylar Marie Johnson. But tell me Sky."

She said. Peter laugh.

"Aren't you young to be on a bar?"

Peter asks her.

"I'm young. I'm waiting my mother."

"Where is her?"

"Someone here, or maybe sleeping with someone here. Just for money."


"Yeah. I'm waiting for her. It's kind of sad to have a mother that is always sleeping in a bar, Peter."

"Mine that in a fire. In my own house."


Then Peter looked at her.

"I killed them."

"You...killed you own family."

"Yeah. Since that, I have been drinking blood like a crazy."

"I know. I know why you said that."


"About 'drinking blood like a crazy'"


"Cause, you are trying to freak me out. But I'm not afraid of a vampire, Peter."

Skylar said. Peter laugh. Then the fragment goes away. Skylar opened her eyes. Her eyes were about to cry. Her tears were coming out. Peter makes an smile to her.

"We have already meet, Skylar."


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