Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan


Skylar goes to the university party, on her new red Toyota car.

"Okay, Sky. Just breath and don't be nervous."

Skylar says to herself. Peter appear behind her.


He says slowly to her. Skylar turn around and look at him. She makes an smile to him. Surprised that he could be here.

"How are you? Has been a long time."

Skylar said walking to him.

"Yeah. Three years is too much. But I am fine. Sarah broke up with me, and...I felt me alone."


"Yeah. But I come here, to dance with you. Skylar."

Peter says. Skylar laugh a little, then she looked away.

"Oh, c'mon, you just..." He stop by a moment. Then he take her hand and put it on his shoulder. Then he put his hand in her back. Then he twisted his fingers with her fingers with the left hand. Skylar look at his eyes. Then she stare at them as they move to the left and to the right. As a slow dance.

"This is stupid."

Skylar says laughing. Peter look at her.

"I don't think it's stupid. I think it's...beautiful. Sexy, passion, beautiful. And the true is that I like you."

Peter said.


But then a music interrupt her.

"C'mon Sky, I already said it. I like you."

"But I don't know, so much about you."

Skylar says. Peter laugh.

"Close your eyes. And read my mind."


" it."

Then Skylar close her eyes. She saw a little fragments. He saw Peter in his bed with Sarah at his next. He was crying. Then another fragment come out, but this time. It was imagination. I was next to him on a empty park. The sun was in the sky, so shinny and beautiful. The sky had a orange clear color and the birds were flying in the sky. Skylar had a shor pink dress with flowers, followed by a black converse and a blue jacket. They were sitting in a bank. He wore a white shirt with black jeans and a black long boots. Man boots. Skylar look at him,

"Did you know that my favorite color is orange?"

Peter said. Without looking at her, he just look at the sky. His eyes were bright by the sun. Skylar laugh.


"No. Not that kind of orange. I mean the orange of the midnight. Isn't beautiful?"

He says looking at her. With the big smile. Skylar doesn' had seen that smile before. It was a different smile.

"'s beautiful."

She says. Then she put her head in his shoulder. She closed her eyes, relaxed and happy. Then another fragment come out. This time, Peter was running out. He had a bunch of people behind him. He was running with a kid in his hand. The bunch of people had torches, knives and fire. Peter run and see a cave, a big and dark one. Then he went there, and hide. He look around him. The kid look at him.

"Dad, what are we going to do?"

Skylar surprise to heard that word 'Dad' Then Peter was...a father. Peter look at the kid. Then he started to cry, his eyes were red. The kid started to cry, then he hug the kid.

"I'm sorry, Michael."

He said to the kid. Then the kid look at him, Peter put his hand in the little red cheeks of the kid. Then he twisted his neck. Broking it. The kid fall to the ground. Then the bunch of people found him, Peter stare at them. One of the man's of the bunch people come out. He had white hair and pale skin. The man wore a white shirt with long sleeves and a brown pants with black boots. The man walks to Peter, then he put his hand in Peter's shoulder.

"You make a great work. He was a son of the devil. A vampire."

The man said. Peter stare at the kid again.

"I know, minister."

Peter said. Then the night come out, the full moon was in the sky. And there was a celebration. The people dancing and drunk and the womans singing. Then Peter was in one of the houses, with a skinny girl. The girl had green eyes and black hair, with red pure lips. Peter was kissing her,

"I know, why you're here." The girl continues, "You wanna be a vampire, right?"

The girl says. Then Peter stop and look at her, he stare at her for a seconds.

"I just wanna be stronger. I wanna have my revenge. But I need you."

Peter said. Then she laugh. The girl get up of the bed and stare at him. Then she took a knife,

"This was from my father. He was a vampire hunter. But he didn't know that I wanted to be one. Then he tried to kill me. But I took this knife, and hit him with it five time after I see his blood. And I just have to give you my blood from the palm of my hand and you have to suck it."

The girl says. Then she started to cut her veins with the knife. When she finished it she give her hand to Peter. Then he took it and suck at it. But then Skylar opened her eyes. She saw that Peter was crying, hard.

"I...think I was wrong about you. Now I know the true. You had a bad past, you killed your kid. Your favorite color is the midnight take revenge...right?"

Skylar says. Peter put his hands on her cheeks.

"Bye, Skylar. I have to go, but...have a great day."

He says kissing her front. Skylar closed her eyes and when she opened them, he wasn't there.


A male voice said behind her. Skylar turned around. It was Jason, he had black suit and his hair was very good. Then Skylar hold her tears on and make a simple smile. Dimitri was walking in the forest, he was searching Alex. Then he saw Elizabeth, she was hiting someone. A human. She wore a black jeans and a blue shirt with long sleeves. She was kicking the body that was screaming in the ground. Dimitri started to run, the most faster he could go to stop her. Then he get there,

"Elizabeth! Stop, what are you doing?"

Dimitri says to her. Elizabeth roll her eyes,

"He was recording us with a camera!"

Elizabeth says as she hunched and take the camera from the ground.

"Maybe, he know something about the game."

Elizabeth said to Dimitri. Then he look at the guy again.

"I can't believe that I will trust you."

He said. Taking the guy by his feets as she takes his hand and together move the guy away. Robert was walking in the street, he was looking for Emily.

"Emily! Where are you?"

He says. Then he took his phone and search in the contact list. Robert press the call, then he wait. Emily still in the plane. Then her phone started to ring, she took it and put it on her ear.


She says sofly.

"Hi, Emily. I'm sorry about yesterday. I was drunk and that blonde girl just jump into me. Please, I miss you. Where are you?"

Emily closed her eyes. She bite her lip. Then a drop of water come out from one of her eyes.

"I'm in a plane to Paris." She says crying. "I am so sorry."

Emily said as she power off the phone, and cry more louder. She look to her next, there was the window that shows the sky. She take a deep breath and tried to relax. But then she look at the window again. Emily saw a rocket flying to the plane, then she started to scream but then the impact shock her. All the plane go in Fire.

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