Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan

16. 16."R"

"You know, what?" Emily started talking to Jessica. "What if you me now, and when all ghosts come out, and I kill them, why don't I help you, to find the way back to life? It would be a deal?"

"I don't think so, I just wanna go. Living like a ghost. But I wanna make a deal." Jessica says. "If I help you, you will let me go and you won't see me, deal?" Emily nod. As she offers her hand to Jessica.

"Deal." Then when Emily, give to her the hand, a burning pain come out. Making her scream, then Jessica took the stake of Emily's left hand, and cut her rope, that was tied to her hands. Then Jessica started to run, Emily took a knife and follow her. And when she was about to throw the knife to Jessica, Jessica turned around saying "Expermatous, Exctern, Coudge!" They were witches words. Emily started to disappear. As she falls in her knees, her hands were transforming in ashes.

"One live for live." She said. Then she walks away. On the cold snow. Victor was with Elsa in the hospital. They were sitting on the chairs.

"Some news, about...Jack?" Elsa asks him. Victor turned to her. He only, could see her face, not at her eyes. She don't have eyes. What does this more creepy for him. But then he put his hand around her.

"Nope, not yet." Victor said. Softly, the voice that Elsa could love. "But we can still waiting." Elsa nod. Then the nurse come out, Victor stand up.

"What happen-" But she cut him off, saying, "Maybe, we will have to talk of this, away." She said. Then he go to the final of the hallway.

"Now, what happened?" Victor asks. The nurse sigh.

"Look, he...had a heart attack. Something very big, he's dying. Is weak. And he doesn't had drugs or something. What's weird. But if she loves him, is more better that she forget him, and start a new life."

"It's not fair, she won't life with this." Victor said. But if he had a heart attack, that means, Jack is a human. But how? How can he be human, if he was a vampire? This is a mystery. A big one.

"Well, can I see him?" Victor asks to the nurse. She nod, letting him go to the room. It was the room, number 13. When Victor went, he saw Jack. A different one from the original. He looks sick, he have broken lips and his fingertips are purple. His eyes are ticking.

"Hi, Jack." Victor said. Jack turned to him. His eyes grow big. His breathe started to go fast.

"Jack, what's happening? Nurses!" Victor said. Then the nurses come out, they put Victor out of the room.

"What's happening?" Elsa asks. Victor stare at her. Jessica, was walking on the streets. Hiding her face, with a gray cap of a jacket.

"It's time, to get back to normal life." She whispers.

"Normal life?" Jessica turn around. There was Stephanie. "There is no, normal life." She says. Jessica laugh.

"Yes, there is normal life."

"If there is, how can you see me?"

"Why won't I see you?"

"Because, I'm a soul."

"What? You got to be kidding me, I'm an Actecno! I'm back from the..." But then, it wasn't a joke. It was true. If you're back from the death, you can see the others, even talk to them.

"Now, you understand me."

"Yes. I do."

"Damn it, this is stupid!" Jessica yells, kicking the thrash of the ground. I was in my bed, thinking, of how I'm going to get my baby back, or where is it.

"Can I come in?" Edwin says. I look at the door, then I shrug. He sat next to me, giving me something. "I buy you, something." He said. Then I opened it and there was a beautiful, neckless. My eyes stare at it. It was beautiful. My smile, come out, showing my teeth.

"Thanks." I said. Then I stand up, and walked to the mirror, with the neckless in my hands. Edwin follow me, standing behind me. I move my hair to the left, putting it on my shoulder. He put the neckless in my neck.

"Well...are you...coming to the hospital?" He asks, Hospital? I though. "Why?" I said, turning to him. He looked away, with crystalline eyes. Then my heart, started to beat hard. More faster, like a lion's heart.

"Is Jack. He had...a heart attack. Victor said that he was a human, what's weird, cause he was a vampire. But we think, they are manipulating us. They want this game to be fair. And soon, they will start with you, Elsa, and me. So, we better protect ourselves, Sky."

Edwin said. Putting his hand, in my cheek. Then my eyes get crystalline. His breath was getting closer, as same his face. His dark brown eyes were staring at mine.

"We..." I started. " go." He nod and walk away. Kolo was in his room, sitting in the bed, with notebooks. Kolo wore a green shirt with blue pants and black converse. Stephanie was sitting next to him, she was staring at him.

"Four more four, more 6 is..." Kolo says. Stephanie roll her eyes and stand up, "is eighteen." She said. Then she heard a baby crying. And all the room, goes black. They were no lights around there, as same not even windows, it was like if the house was gone, replaced by the darkness. Then Stephanie, saw a little cart. There was a baby, it has green eyes and pale skin, with a little black hair. Then the house was again, the lights were there. They were back. The baby have a note in the palm of her little arms. Stephanie took the note, and read it.

"I'm sorry, Skylar. By taking your baby, but I needed the force of her. But it results, that no one, can take the force of her. Now, listen to what I say. She's the most powerful creature, of all of us. But take care of her, and whatever happens, don't let her go."


Kolo says scared. He looked at the baby, and then he took it, Kolo see the note.

"I'm sorry, Skylar. By taking your baby, but I needed the force of her. But it results, that no one, can take the force of her. Now, listen to what I say. She's the most powerful creature, of all of us. But take care of her, and whatever happens, don't let her go."

Stephanie started to fall, her eyes started to get all red, and she started to vomit blood. Kolo turned around, and then he stare at her.

"Stephanie?!" He says, then she look up, at him. We get to the parking lot, Then Edwin power off the car, and turned to me.

"Well, are you, ready?" Edwin asks. I shrug, but then my eyes look at them.

" go. I will prepare here."

"Well, then I go."

He said. I smile to him, as he get out. The cold of the snow was too much for me, the sun wasn't there too much. I look at my neckless, then unexpectedly, a smile come out from my face. Then a though come. About his words. About him, when he helped me to sleep and when we first talked. It wasn't too much good at first, but why I'm having the feeling, that I'm in love with him? This can't be happening. But then, a knife broke the window of the car. I look at the knife, then my eyes look to the left. There was Jessica.

"Jessica?" I whisper. Then she smiles to me, I took the knife and get down of the car. "What are you doing here?" I said.

"Well, I'm back from the death. Yeah, I know this is not the surprise I wanted to give you, but I'm back my best friend!" She said. I laugh and hug her. It has been a long time, that we doesn't see her. Three years, but I think it's more than three years. Edwin was sitting next to Victor, who had a computer and a little notebook.

"I got it!"

Victor said.

"You got, what?" Edwin asks him.

"The sign "R" is about the "Rebels" They're now, everywhere. They rescue me from the wolf Elsa had."

"So, we have...Rebels, that fight for us?"

"You know, what does that means right?"


"That we are making a-"

But then Elsa started to scream. She throw herself to the floor. "Elsa, what's happening?!" Victor and Edwin asked at the same time.

"My eyes!" She scream. And when they took the bend off, her eyes were back.



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