Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan


Jessica was walking on the streets, alone. Without no one at her next. She looked at the sky.

"Looking at the sky?" Says Emily, she was in front of her, with a stake. Then Jessica turned to her. Jessica started to run away. Emily laugh, "Sorry, but...I'm a ghost hunter." She said throwing the stake to her, then Jessica fall. The snow was falling, the sun, was in the sky. My body was in the ground. Leaning there, doing nothing. Just watching the sky. I wore a red jacket and a blue pants with snow boots.

"Finally, right?"

Edwin says, leaning his back against the ground, next to me.

"Finally, what?" I asks, looking at him. He wore a black snow jacket with black boots.

"The snow just come yesterday, at 12:00 a.m. and now, we are all happy."

"Not all." I said. Then he turned to me, giving me a puppy face. I laugh.

"You will be Skylar. By the way, where is Peter, I though he would be with you."

"He is gone."

"What do you mean, with 'he's gone'?"

"I compelled him, to forget about our love, and now, we will be just friends. Our love is gone. Forever, is gone."

"I...get it." Edwin said. We started to walk back home, all was white and officialy snowing. The people, was happy, they're dancing, decorating and eating. I and Edwin were on the edge of the door, silent. But then my mouth spoke.

"So, how is Elsa?" I asks him. He turned to me.

"She's fine. Victor come here with her, at the 3:09 a.m. he said that she was..." But then he stopped and step back.

"She was what?"

"Skylar?" He whispers, looking around him. To the left and to the the right. "Where are you?" Then I look at my hands. I turned around and saw Elizabeth. With a stake.

"That the games start." She said hitting me in the head. Elsa wake up, she was in a bed. Her head had a bend all over her eyes, making her not to see. "Help! She screams!" Then Victor come out running. He sat next to her.

"Hey, let the bend there. Are you, okay?"

"No. I...can't see. I feel me weird. What is happening to me?"

Victor took a deep breath, then he put his hand in Elsa's cheek.

"I have...bad news." He started. Slowly. "'t have eyes. Not anymore. We had to take them out, cause they put cameras and a venom that transforms you in a wolf. In a enemy. But now, you're safe." He said.

"So, I don't...have eyes. I don't have eyes. Oh, my God." She said. Victor hug her. That warm hug, didn't make her feel happy. It wasn't something that could help someone without eyes, with bad news. Jack was in the streets, he wore a black jacket and a blue pants, wit brown boots. He was walking slowly. Then he stare at a girl, that had brown hair and a brown eyes. With white skin. She wore a black pants and a black boots with a white jacket. Then he saw the face of Skylar there. It was impossible. Then he step back, scared. He look again, and there was another face.

"What's happening to me?" He whisper. Closing his eyes.

"Jack? Friend, are you, okay?" Peter asks him. Then he look at him. Jack's hands were shaking and his body. His eyes turn white as he falls to the ground. Peter catch him, before he could really fall.

"I will take you, to the hospital." Peter whispers. Then he started to run with him, Peter use his super speed, looking that no one could see him.


Jack whispers. Peter look at him, "Hold on, my friend. We're almost there." Peter says. They finally, get to the hospital. All the nurses looked at them, one of the nurses walk to him. She was skinny and have a beautiful brown clear eyes, her hair was brown. She wore a white short-nurse-dress.

"Please, lady, help me." Peter said. The girl take Jack by the hands and the others take his fees. They put him in a white, stretcher. Peter sigh, he took a deep breath. I was in the snow, again. With my body, leaning in the snow. I just wake up, watching the sky. My fingertrips are red, and my cheeks are red too. I feel me, weak. Then I stand up, with pain in my stomach. I go home, and went in my room. Then I take my shirt off and look at my stomach. There was a mark, a long one that makes almost a circle. I touch my stomach, I don't feel nothing.

"Oh, my God!" I said. Putting my hand in my mouth, looking at myself in the mirror. "No, it can't be true, I don't feel my baby!" I said.


Edwin asks me. I turned to him. "Are you, okay?" He asks me. I just hug him, not answering. I didn't wanted to answer. Cause, I'm not, okay. He put his warm hands in my hair, and put his head in my shoulder.

"I can't feel him, Edwin!"

"Feel who?"

"My baby. Is gone. They take him out, the only thing I remember is that Elizabeth hit me." Then he hug me, again.

"I will help you, Sky. I promise you. I will do everything for you, to get your baby back. I will even die, for you. My death, doesn't matter. Cause..." He stopped. I stare at him, waiting for him to say something more. Edwin kiss me, and step back. Turning around, and going away. I stare at him, shocked. Then my eyes close, making my mind stay with that picture. But, I can't. I love Peter, this is too much for me. Elsa was in the park with Victor, he was behind her with his hands in her waist, guiding her, from every move and walk.

"It tickles." She said, laughing. Elsa still have the bend around her eyes, she wore a white shirt and a blue pants with brown boots. The snow was falling. Then he stop, making her stop. "Okay, we just get here." Victor said. Then he slowly, guide her to sit. "What are we doing here?" She asks. Then Lola Fergnor, come out. The famous singer of America was there. Elsa can't see her, but when Lola speak, Elsa stay chocked.

"Lola? Lola Fergnor?" She says.

"Hi, darling." Lola says. "Today, I'm singing for you a special song. By the way, Victor called me."

Then she started to sing with her guitar.

"This is my winter song to you
The storm is coming soon
It rolls in from the sea"

As she sings, I could heard the song. A original, can heard it all. I was leaning in my bed. Waiting for Edwin.

"Hi." Says a guy. I fast, stand up and look at the door, there was Peter. I closed my eyes, "Look, I know, you think you're just my friend. By I compelled you and I'm sorry-"

"I remember you, Sky." He said. Then he walk closer to me, he put his hand in my cheek.

" do you remember?"

"They make me, more stronger. But I can't say, who they were. Or-"

"Or what?"

"They will kill you, if I do that."

Then he kiss me, and a fragments come out, making my eyes turn white. In the fragments, I saw a baby, it was pale and it was crying. It was in Edwin's hands. He was running, with blood in his lips. In a forest. And when he stopped in the forest, Elsa, Edwin, Jack, Emily and Kolo, were in the floor. Dead. But then my eyes turned normal, and the fragment was gone, when I heard Peter scream my name.

"Skylar, are you, okay?"


I said. Then he put his head in mine, closing his eyes as I close mine.

" My voice, a beacon in the night
My words will be your light
To carry you to me

Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love (pause)

They say that things just can not grow
Beneath the winter snow
Or so I have been told"

Victor guide Elsa, to the hospital, after the song. But the songs keeps playing in her head. Victpr guide her to the room of Jack, Then she took Jack's hand.


He whispers. Elsa took a deep breath and moved her head."Jack?" She whispers. Then she smiles, happy of all. Victor smile, by happines. I look at the sky, from my window. I have a teory, the moon is like God, watching us. And the stars are us-people-that was my teory. Jessica wake up, she was tied to a chair. Emily come out, she has an stake.

"Why do you want me?" Jessica asks.

"Why do I want you? Cause I wanna kill every ghost in here. But the problem is, that I need your help."

"To what?"

"To call...all of them. So, are you with me?"

Emily says.






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