Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan


November 3, 1954

The church on New York, was lighting up. Their lights shining and the windows were intact. All were singing a beautiful melody, and in one of them, a girl in a black cap was there. Standing there, singing with a beautiful melody. Then her eyes turn yellow and a malevolent smile cone from her lips.

I wake up, it was a nightmare, confusing with a dream. I don't know, exactly what of the two is, it could be a nightmare. And who was that? That person, was almost familiar. Matthew appear, with a rose in his hand.

"Matthew, what are you doing here?"

I said. He laugh and sit on the bed. Then he give me the rose, it was beautiful.

"So, what are you doing here? Let me guess, a fight?"

He said joking.

"Nope, I'm here...cause I...I'm pregnant."

"But...who is the father?"

"I don't know. Maybe is...Peter or..."

"Do you had a boyfriend before this one?"

"No, I don't remember."

"Well, anyway, I'm happy with your baby."

He said. I smile back, but then he kissed my cheek and stand up. My smile was gone. Replaced by my red eyes and fangs. Then he step back saying, "A vampire!" He screams. Then I hide my face with my hands. Hiding it from him. But then he stopped, and stare at me, like if his fear could go away. Then he stand up, slowly. Matthew walks to me and took my hands. So, he could see my face, "You...are a vampire..." He sigh. But then he put his hand in my cheek, and kissed my forehead.

"It's okay, Skylar. I won't attack you or kill you by that." He said. Then I laugh and hug him, my best friend was Matthew, Elsa and...I can't believe that this is the first time, I will say that Edwin is my best friend too. He helped me, when I didn't can't sleep when I was alone and he sleep with me there, he save me from a nightmare.

"Thanks, Matthew. And don't tell anyone. On school."

I said. Looking right into his brown eyes. But I was just looking at a deep empty eyes. "I won't tell anyone." He said. Jack was in the cemetery, sitting in the ground with a bottle. Leaning his back, in a black almost gray big rock. He wore a black shirt and a black pants with converse. He was staring at a roses.

"How is going Jessica?" He says. She was standing next to him. With a black boots, combined with a black jeans and a white shirt with a black jacket.

"Good. I guess." She says. Then he turned to her.

"It feels alone, right?" He asks her. Then she sat next to him, leaning her back with the rock.

"Yeah. Being dead, sucks. The spell, of bringing back the deads, didn't work on me. Just in Peter, I don't know why."

She said. Jack put his hand around her shoulder. Then she put her head in his chest.

"I hope, one day you will come out from death."

He said. Elsa wakes up, there was a light in front of her, hurting her eyes. Her hands were tied with black ropes, she tried to move, but they were strong.

"They capture us."

Victor said. Elsa look at her left, where Victor was in a bed, too. His hands were tied, and his face had some bloody marks. As same his chest. He was staring, only at the roof.

"How we were captured?" She asks.

"Peter. He hit me, when I was helping you."

He said. The door opens, making Victor's and Elsa's heart get faster. There was a nurse. She had black hair and blue eyes with red lips. Elsa look at her, she was scared-the nurse- but at the same time, it seems she was not.

"Well, we have some changes." She started. "Something bad, happened. They stole our cameras. Rebels. They're now, around here. Around the city. So, we though that some changes to the game, won't kill anyone." She said, walking to Elsa. With a green liquid on a white, transparent bottle.

"What are you, going to do to her? Let her go!"

Edwin yells. But then, the nurse put the green liquid on Elsa's mouth. Then the nurse goes away. Victor stare at her.


He sigh. Dimitri was in the airport, he wore a black jacket with black pants and brown boots.

"Emergency alert." Says a blonde girl on screen. Then he look at the screen. "We have found a rebel, the rebel one has take cameras and killed our guards. We just found one photo about him, but we still searching." Then the screen shut down. Avory was walking around the airport, then she stare at Dimitri, like a lion looking at their food. But she give to him a dynamite and keep walking. Dimitri jump to one of the planes. He opened the door, and went inside, watching all the hundreds cameras that were there. He took the dynamite and light it on fire. Then he put his headphones and put some music. Then he throw the dynamite to the plane. He started to walk away, hiding his face with a black cap. As all the plane burn on fire.

"So, you are sure, that you don't know who is the father?"

Matthew asks me. I roll my eyes and take a deep breath. I was tired, about all father stuff. And the worse thing, if that I don't know, who is him. It could be Peter. But I'm not sure. Well, not so sure. I know, he violated me, but I forgive him, cause he was just drunk. But maybe...maybe yes, it could be Peter.

"It could be Peter."

I sigh. Then Matthew turned to me, his eyes were big and his mouth was opened.

"Wait." He said. "Do you said, 'Peter'?" I nod. How does he know him? I though. Victor was still, looking at Elsa. As he tries to move, to the left and to the right, but his hands still tied. Then Elsa's eyes opened, they were yellow. Like the raven's eyes. Then she turned to him, her eyes turned white and all her body started to shake. A white, nasty liquid, come out from her mouth.


Victor said. Worried. But then Elsa's hands were turning more skinny, and a fangs were coming out. Victor tried to move, but then she broke the black ropes from her hands, and fall to the floor.

"Damn it!" Victor said. Then when he look at the floor, a big black wolf come out. It was Elsa, that was the wolf. She was big and black.

"They turn you into a-" But then she jump all over him, and bite his neck, making him, scream. Avory was in the roof of the building next to the other, were Victor and Elsa were.

"Do you see them?"

Says Dimiri, as he sits next to her. They were in the roof, in hundreds feets up. "Yep. Let's rescue them." Avory said. Then she point the arrow to the window, and point to Elsa. Then she shut the arrow. The arrow go through the window to Elsa. Elsa stopped, attacking Victor. Her wolf body, fall. Victor stand up and look at her. Elsa's normal body, was back. She was naked. Her clothes were broken. So, Victor took a blue sheet that was in her bed, and put it around her. She was breathing fast, with pain, by the arrow in her arm.

"Please, help me!"

She screams.

"Hey." Victor says softly to her, as he put his warm hand in her cheek. And the right hand in the arrow. "Look only at my eyes, and don't look away. Just me." He said. Then Elsa stare at him, quiet and mute. Then he take the arrow and throw it away.

"All done." He said. Elsa smiles to him, saying "Thanks." There comes the hug, Victor hug her, closing his eyes, with a hidden smile. Then he look at the arrow. That had a sign like "R" in the front. Then he look at the window, to the other building, were a letters were written "Rebels" It says. I was sleeping, then the door opens, I turn around to see. There's Peter. Fast, I took the knife.

"No!" He says. "I'm not going to hurt you." He says. Then I put the knife in the bed.

"I'm his father, right?"

Peter asks. I nod.

"Then, it's not your fault. It's mine, I violated you. You forgive me, but it's hard to live with this. I feel that the fault is all over me, and I feel me stupid!" Peter says. Then I slowly stand up and walk to him, then I put my hand in his cheek, and look at his eyes.

"You're not a stupid, don't have to live with that fault. So, believe me, what am I going to do, will be more painful than that. I'm sorry."

I said.

"About what?"

Then I stare at his eyes.

"You will forget about our love, we will be just friends, you will live your life and be happy, and you won't be painful. Peter, you're a great person. So, forget about our love and...go away." When I finally, finish, I closed my eyes and kiss his lips. But he didn't kiss me back. "I'm sorry." I said. But then he just go away from the room, Why I just did? I though. But it was for his life, I don't want someone that could live with fault. I want someone, that loves me without sadness. Peter was walking away, from the exit doors, but then he stops. He turned around and look at the window of my room.

"I won't forget you, Skylar. But if you want me to go, I will go away."

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