Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

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13. 13.THE BABY

"We have found a murder, in the street #99 on Monborg, Paris. The residents, think they found a body of a lady of 18 years old, bitten. And when they come back to call the police, the body wasn't there. Can it be a case? A vampire? We don't know."

Then I power off the TV. My body still in the bed, my mind still waiting to see what the doc says or if Peter is coming to see me. Elsa was sleeping, with her head in my shoulder. Just like we sleep, when we were best friends. Then Elsa wake up, she opened her eyes. Slowly and turned to me. I knew she was going to do that, but this time, with her smile. Then my smile come out, not the smile that can show your teeth, the smile with the lips. Elsa laugh.

"BFF, time?" Peter joke. He was in the edge of the door, and then she stand up. "Well, I think, I will let the two of you alone." She said with a smile. I roll my eyes and smile to Peter. He walk to me and sat next to me, looking at my hand, what means he will take my hand. How he always do. Then when he finally sit, he took my hand and put his fingers with mine.

"I knew you were going to do that." I said. Smiling to him, he give me a weak smile. But I could notice something was happening. His eyes were looking to the ground, he doesn't look at mine.

"Of who is the baby?" He asks. Then I turned to his face. Scared.

"What baby?"

I ask. But then his hands grab my neck, making me not to breath. His hands were more stronger than mine as same his fingers. But then Elsa, throw him away.

"What's wrong with you?!" She says to him, but her eyes turned to mine. My eyes were staring at her, she look at me, waiting that I could say something.

"Are you, okay?" She ask. I started to cry, and put my head in my knees, like a little girl.

"Please, go away."

I whisper. She step back, with her eyes almost with tears. "Okay, I'll go. Bye, Skylar." She says, walking to the door. I feel her steps, but they stop. In the edge of the door.

"But let me tell you something. Don't change by him, don't let me away by him. Just...keep being like my friend. Like my best friend, not a stupid girl, who will be afraid all this time, and will throw all her friends away. Think about it."

Elsa said. Then she move away. I think about her words, what she say and all of that.

"But let me tell you something. Don't change by him, don't let me away by him. Just...keep being like my friend. Like my best friend, not a stupid girl, who will be afraid all this time, and will throw all her friends away. Think about it."

Then I look at the floor, to see if Peter stills there. But then, his body wasn't there. It was like if he disappears. Like a ghost. I look at the door, he's going for Elsa, I have to do something.

"Elsa, he's going for her." I keep saying in my mind. The only way, my memories can be safe. I still have old memories, vampires and originals, always do that. I still have the memory when Jack kissed me, when I loved him a little bit and the parties with Elsa. Old memories. I get up, slowly. My stomach hurts and my throat. My feets are shaking as same the red fingers I have.

"I can't." I sigh. Elsa was walking in the parking lot, with black glasses to protect herself from the sun. She was walking to her car, and her phone started to ring. She took it and look at the screen, it was me.

"Hi, what happened? Are you, okay?" She said. I close my eyes and take a little breath.

"I'm fine. I'm worried by yours, where are you?"

"In the parking lot. Why?"

"Peter is going to search you, run!"

Then she power off the phone and look around her, then she started to run. Her phone fall to the ground.

"Damn it!"

Elsa yells, but then he appear in front of her. He was smiling, with black glasses.

"I think you can't be without glasses. Let's see it." He said. Peter take her glasses. Then the sun started to burn on Elsa, she fall in her knees.


Victor said. As he hit Peter and take Elsa in his hands. Victor go inside a store that was next to them called, "Tattoe City" But there was no one, all was empty and all they can see were a machines with lights. Victor put Elsa in a empty table, to wait that her skin could turn normal, again. But Peter appear and hit him back, Victor pushed him and kick his stomach.


Victor yells, kicking his head. That knock him out, letting Peter in coma. Victor turned to Elsa, he stare at her. Like feeling something. Then a red light was coming out from his chest. Victor opened his shirt and look, to see what was that. And it results, it was his heart. It has a red lines and a number 108 on his chest.

"We changed the game, Elsa."

He whispers. I was in the hospital bed, again. Waiting for someone, and the surprise shocks me. It was Jack, he had a pink flowers and a smile. He wore a black shirt and a blue jeans. Jack walks and sit next to me, in the chair.

"Hi, Skylar." He said. Hi? And what he's doing here? I though he hate me, by all his love and because I never wanted him. But my smile come out, without thinking it.

"Hi, I though you still hated me."

"Hate you? Why?"

"Cause you...I never loved you, I wanted you like a friend."

"Well, honestly, that hurt me, but that is already gone. I don't hate you."

"Good, that's...great."

'That's already gone'? Seriously? That hurts me more than what I think. I don't know why, but that puts me angry. How can he say that thing? Okay, I kissed him and all of that but...this feels...strange.

"I brough you something more." He said. Taking out a little tiny bear that has a heart in his chest. It says 'Xoxo' my mind love that word as same my heart.

"Thanks, Jack." I said.

"You welcome. And I-"

"Why do you said that?" I asked a little angry.


"That your love from me was already gone?"

"Well, you said, you just wanted me like a friend."

"Yes, but-" But he interrupted me. Standing up and throwing me a white page.

"I don't understand you!" He said. Running out and going away. I close my eyes and hide them, with my hands. Crying strong. But then I stop, and look at the white page. Then my hands took it.

For Skylar:

Dear Diary,

November 1, 2014:

I feel that I am going crazy, I can't sleep or even eat. I'm thinking on Skylar. But she doesn't wants me, it's like if she could avoid me. But the true is, that I love her. But I can't decide if I can chose you or Elsa. After, all my body have cried, my feelings were going down by you. But then, I chose you, like a friend.

For Skylar:

Dear Diary,

February 8, 2014:

What's happening to my friend? Where is her? Well, I found her. But she has changed. After, she killed Jason, she was another. But I don't wanna lose her, I just have Edwin and Jack, and no more. But she is my best friend. And I won't let her go.

The papers were gone. It were like their diaries, the old diaries. The doctor come, he was walking to the door. Then he stand there.

"Can I come in?" He asks. Obviously, he can.

"Why not?"

I asks. He walk in and sat next to me.

"Well, I have news." He said. I stare at him. Taking a deep breath. "You're pregnant." He said. My eyes started to tick. Shocked by the news.

"I will"

I said. He nod.

"Who is the father?"

I asks.

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