Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan

11. 11.PURE LIES

"Why do you lie to me?!" Elsa yells to Edwin. She was mad and angry. Why could he lie to her? He had said that it was Jack, who always talked about her. But now, it's him. Edwin. The Edwin, she loved. But she think that there in her deep heart, Elsa had forgot him.

"Cause I always wanted you!" He yell to Elsa. Making her stay mute. Like a dead body, who doesn't move. All her entire heart stops, then she started to vomit blood.

"Elsa? Are you, okay?"

Edwin says as he hunched next to her. Then he took his phone and started to call her, but then Elsa turned around, scared.

"Ed-Edwin!" She screams, when Edwin turn around, someone hit him. All he saw before he could fall, was a black figure of a guy. Peter brough me home, we were still in the car. In a silent 4 hours. We haven't talk in four hours. He doesn't talk.

"Skylar. Can I ask you, something?" Peter said. With his serious sad voice, I miss that voice. Well, I miss it for few 2 hours.

"Yes. What's it?"

"Please, don't move."

Then I stay quiet. I bite even my tongue, to stay like a little child, looking at him. As he gets more closer to me, making me feel his breathe and his warms cheeks. Then his soft warm lips touch mine. They were so soft like a pillow. I kiss him back, closing my eyes and staying quiet as he said. Then he step back, to look at me. My eyes instantly open to look at his. Making a smile in my lips.

"Sorry, I-"

But then I kiss him back. He put his hand in my back and kiss me back. They were the 12:13 a.m. Dimitri was in the forest, he had a gun and a knife. He wore a black shirt with a black jeans and a gray converse. Elizabeth was next to him, with a knife.

"Do we have to do this?" Elizabeth asks to Dimitri. He look at her, with his red eyes of madness.

"If we want freedom, this is our uportunity." He said to her. Then a black cars were in the woods, moving fast. Dimitri took his gun and point to them, ready to shot them. Elizabeth stare at Dimitri. When one of the black cars come, he shot to one of them. Breaking one of the cars window, giving the shot, to the driver.

"We got one." Dimitri said.

"Why do you kill him?"

"Cause, they're who put cameras around us, bitch. Now, help me to take all the cameras. We will make a connection."

Dimitri says as he walks to the car, Elizabeth follow him. She stand behind him, with her hands crossed by the sides and her eyes looking at the left. He broke the window, with a punch and take one camera.

"Did you, know that the door was open?" Elizabeth said. Dimitri roll his eyes and walk away, Elizabeth turned to him.

"Dimitri. No matter what you do, you can't drop me away! Cause I will still love you. You don't know how much. And no matter where you go, I won't let you go." Elizabeth said. Then Dimitri stopped walking, he turn around. Then he look at her.

"Well, don't love me. I will make you stop!"

Then he shot her, with the gun. Elizabeth look at her chest. Were blood was leaning there. She look into his eyes, then she make a smile. Her ultimate smile. Then she let her body fall. Dimitri, stare at her. It was unbelievable what he just do. Kolo was in his room, he was using his computer. Searching some magic potential in Google. He still look bad and sick, his eyes are even more wide and his lips are purple. His hands have bends and his fingers are red. Stephanie was standing behind him.

"I know." She said as she walks to his bed. Leaning her back there. "I should go don't see me, and...I want to protect you."

Stephanie said. But it was like talking to a wall, that never moves or even talk. Then he takes a black dark little box. The box had a skull in the front of the box, he stare at it.

"I hope this work." Kill whispers. Stephanie stand up, scared.

"Kolo, what's that?! Please, heard me!" She yells. But he didn't heard anything. Then he open the box. A strange bird come out, it was a little blue bird. He stand up, confuse.

"What happened?"

He whispers. But it was Stephanie, she put a bird on the box. Then she turn around. Whatever she says he won't heard her. Stephanie walk to him, she stand up in front of him, crying.

"I'm so sorry, Kilo. I will always love you. But I have to do this."

Then she look deep in his eyes. Kilo didn't look at her, he was just standing in front of nothing.

" will forget. Forget about everything we had. You will forget me. And you will start to move on. A new life. Don't ever miss me."

Then Kolo closed his eyes. He walk away and took a photo of him and Stephanie. They were smiling, that was in the university. Stephanie stare at him. Then he broke the photo and throw it to the trash. Then she go to the window, and throw herself to the street.

Elsa wake up, her eyes were all red. Her body was pale with some tubes around her. Her hair was curled down, and her lips were purple, and her hands had blood. Her hands were tied to the bed. As same her feets. The bed was white and had blood everywhere. The door opens. A guy come out, covering his head with a black cap, like a boy scared. He wore a black pants with a black boots. The guy sat next to her. Elsa stare at him.

"Who are you? What do you want? Where is Edwin?"

Elsa asks. The guy look away, from her. Then he stand up, and took a knife from his pocket. He hold it on his left hand. Then he took the cap off, it was Victor. His face has some cuts. His left eye is closed.

"Victor?" Elsa asks softly. Without forces to speak.

"Elsa..." He started. His voice has changed to a mature tone. A hard one.

"Where am I?"

Elsa asks him. He turned to the door, then he closed the lock of the door and throw the knife to one of the cameras. Victor turned to Elsa.

"Where the games, started." He said. I was in the shower. Singing "All of Me" the most beautiful couple song. Well, not so 'most beautiful' it's pretty. Then I get out of the shower and power it off.

"What if you take the towel off, it would make this more sexy."

Said Peter, standing on the door.

"Well, Mr. 'Sexy' I won't take my towel off."

I said in form of a joke. He laugh and kissed me, softly. Like he kiss me that few minutes. Then he put his hands in my back, and put me to a hug.

"I knew it." He whispers in my ear. I laugh, then I look in his eyes.

"You knew what?"

"That in sometime, you would be mine. And you're mine."

Then it was true, my feelings were not on Peter. He was like an stranger, like a dangerous person. A killer. But it was true, the part that he doesn't know, was that I feel my feelings for him, when he take care of me. He violated me, but he doesn't control himself. Dimitri was looking at the cameras, one by one in the TV, watching all the moments they record. Then in the record 4, he saw Alex. She was screaming, her body was all in blood, her hands were tied to a chair, and all she screams was "Help! help me!" Then he saw Jack, with a knife. Then he hit her with the knife. And the camera ends. Dimitri take a deep breath. Then he look at the gun that was next to him.

"So, what's your plan?" Elsa asks to Victor, he was walking faster. But then he stops and look around. He turned to her.

"My plan is escape from here and explote this place."

"It's big the plan. But it will work?"

"I hope so."

Then Victor hunch, hiding in a wall, waiting for one of the docs come out. The doctor come out, then he stand up and hit him. Making the doc fall.

"Take her away." He ordered to Elsa. She roll her eyes and take the doc by her feets and slide her away. Leaning her in the wall, in a sit position. Then they started to run away, there was the 'Exit' on the final end of the hallway. They were going to get out. But then Elsa stops.

"Wait! Where is Edwin?!" Elsa asks. Victor turn around to her.

"Forget him! He most be dead, let's get out!"

"No! I will search him!"

"Elsa-" But then she run away, she started to run in the hallways and pass the rooms. Every door, had numbers. Then she look at the doors. They had windows. So, she could see what was inside the rooms. And she saw a face. A familiar one. Elsa stop and stare at that window, then the face.

"Elsa, in thirdteen minutes this place will stay in fire. We have to go."

She put her hand in the window.


She whisper. He was in the floor, tied with sleeves and had bloody marks in his chest and stomach, then he look at Elsa. His eyes were wide and yellow, he looks sick. Then she turn to Victor.

"I can't let him die, here."

Then she broke the window and went to the room, he stare at her. Then she broke the sleeves and take him.

"Elsa...why...are you here?" He said. Trying to speak. Then Victor help her. They started to run to the 'exit' and when they get out, they were just 2 seconds to see the place in fire. They hide behind the cars. Elsa stare at the place.

"Just one second..."

Edwin said. But then nothing was happening. Elsa saw a bomb coming to them.

"Edwin, let's run!"

Elsa said, running with Jack, as same Edwin. Then the parking lot, explote in pieces. With fire. Elsa turned around. She started to cry.

"Edwin!" She screams. Then she stands up, crying. Victor hug her.

"I'm so sorry, Elsa." He said. I was in the dinner table, sitting reading a book. Peter stands next to me, watching me reading. I look at him, followed by a laugh. Then he laugh too. The door opens, we turned around. I was in shock. There was...


I asks.

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