Actecno:City Curse

Three years, has past. Elsa, has moved in distance. As same all. But there's another game. To bring them back, and this time the game will be fair. All will change. They're all transforming in humans, Jack is dying, and only one will save them. The most powerful than all. Remember. Survive or die. They're back.

1Me gustan



I was tired. We throw all Jason's clothes to the fire. All photos and memories, that we had. I was sitting in a chair next to Peter, leaning with the back of the chair.

"Do you know, what day is?" He says slowly. My eyes turned to his. Making a smile in my face.

"What day?"

"Thanksgiving day."

I didn't remember that today, was thanksgiving. That always was my favorite day, of the year. Me and Jason, loved that day. Well, now I love this day.

"We should make a party, with drinks, food and obviously, the turkey. But I want everyone here tonight."

Peter laugh. It seems it was a good plan, but the question is: how are we going to get a turkey? Okay, I'm starting to hate this plan. This day, my mind, doesn't want to kill a animal. Not even a turkey, that would be nasty. Then someone went into the house. It was Elsa. She was crying. We all stare at her. By all I mean, me and Peter.

"What happened? Are you, okay?"

"Leave me alone."


"Leave me, alone!" She yells. Then she disappear, running upstairs and getting into her room. I sigh, and look down, trying to look just at my black boots. But I see a paper, a white and long paper that contains something. Some words. I hunch and took it, then my eyes turned to it.

"Well, here I'm. Maybe, this day wasn't for you, Elsa. But I can't keep being as a wolf. It's hard, it hurts when you wake up everyday without the strong power. Without the people you love...I love you. You can't imagine how so much you helped me, since we meet. But I can't hold this game enymore. And if I die, mybe they will stop everything and...let all of you in peace. But the true is, that I'm doing all of this for your freedom. For, Skylar, Kolo, Edwin, Emily and...for all. I hope this game ends soon. But if I don't die. This will never stops, so good-bye.

Then there was me, holding the rope that was tied up in the roof, about to put me the rope in my neck, to kill myself. It's the most bad dead, but I want this, for everyone. My dead, will set you free."

Then I throw myself to the floor, and put my face between my knees. Trying to hold my tears. "Oh, my God!" I sigh. Peter sat next to me, putting his cold hands on my shoulders.

"What happened?" He asked me. Worried. I give to him, the paper. Without looking at him, with tears falling from my eyes. I don't want him, to look at me like this. Then he said the same thing I said. Then I hug him, I didn't think I would ever say this but I have too.

"I want him back!" I said. Hugging him, closing my eyes and bitting my lip. Hard as much I can.

"I know." Peter said. "I know, Sky."

Elsa was in her bed. Looking at the roof, like a person who has lost her mind. Then the door opens, it was Edwin. He stand in the edge of the door.

"Can I went? I...know what happen. I'm so sorry."

Elsa stare at him. She makes a smile with her lips. With tears in her eyes.

"Come in." She said softly. Then Edwin sat next to her, in her bed. Elsa look at him, he look at her. The comunication was silent. Dead. They haven't talk too much. Then he spoke.

"I'm sorry. I know, he was such a great person. And maybe you don't think it so good but, he loved you so much. You don't know, how so much, he always talked about you to me."

"Really? What did he say?" Elsa asks him.

"That you were beautiful, awesome and that he would die for you."

"Oh, God." She said softly. Then he take Elsa's in his arms. She closed her eyes, smiling.

"Well, wanna go down? Today, is thanksgiving."

"I didn't remember it was today."

"Don't worry, it will be just, Peter, Skylar, me and you."

"I will go, later." Elsa said.

I was going to the store, to shop a turkey, but then Peter stands right behind me. Holding one with his left hand.

"I got one!"

He says. I turned around, with a big smile.

"Great!" Then I walk closer to him. "Now, cook." I said. He roll his eyes with a smile and walk away. I look at him, he was cutting the turkey. But it seems, he was trying to cut it. I smile, and walk to him. Standing behind him, and putting my hand in his, to help him with the knife.

"You just have to be...slowly." I said softly. He laugh.

"Thanks." He said.

Wake up, look me in the eyes again
I need to feel your hand upon my face
Words can be like knives, they can cut you open
And the silence surrounds you and haunts you

Dimitri and Elizabeth, were dancing with loud music.

"This is fun!" Elizabeth said. She wore a a gray shirt with sleeves and a black short pants. Dimitri wore a black shirt with a blue jeans and a a black glasses. He had a bottle in his left hand.

"Happy thanksgiving, everyone!" He says drunk. Elsa was looking at her photo, the old photo that she had with Jack. In the photo, she was making a funny face as same him. She wore a red dress and he a black suit. The day, of the prom.

"I take the photo that day." I said. Standing in the door, making a smile to her. She stare at me, making a smile, but still a little sad. It was time for Skylar's help friends. Then I sit next to her.

"Elsa, I...I know what happen with Jack. I'm so sorry. And by the way, we are going to the lake, are you coming? Well, obviously after the turkey." I said. She laugh.

"Oh, curse. I'm coming, but what if you two go to the lake, and I and Edwin to the movie theater?"

"Fine. Then I will go with Peter, to the lake and you with Edwin to see a movie."

"Great. Now, I'm hungry."

Then we all go down, to the table. Where the turkey was leaning on a white plate. We all look each others, making a laugh. In the time, we talk, laugh and dance, the turkey, was already gone. Then it was time, to go to our places. I took a black jacket and a white shirt with blue jeans and a brown boots. My ordinary girl, is back. The old popular me, the girl that everyone loved and wanted. Elsa look at herself, she wore a black shirt with long sleeves and a black jeans with blue converse. Then she curled her hair and put some red lipstick and some dark eyeshadow.

I get into the car, Peter was driven. He looked at me, at every second that pass. I looked at him, nervious.

"So, we are going to the...lake?" I asks him.

"Oh, curse. I wanna show you, something."

I think I might have inhaled you
I can feel you behind my eyes
Youve gotten into my bloodstream
I can feel you flowing in me

Words can be like knives, they can cut you open
And the silence surrounds you and haunts you

I think I might have inhaled you
I can feel you behind my eyes
Youve gotten into my bloodstream
I can feel you flowing in me

He stops the car, and look at me.

"Close your eyes."

"Why?" I asked him, laughing.

"Just do it."

Then I closed them. He get out from the car, and go to my door. Then his hands touch mine, he guide me, making me walk with him.

"Now, open them."

When I open them, there was nothing. All I could watch, was the lake. My eyes turned to him, with a smile, followed by a laugh.

"What are we watching?" I asks. He stand behind me, then he put his hand around my wrist.

"Don't you see? The wings, the girl with the wings." He said. But my eyes just watch the reflection of my face, then I get it. The girl with the wings. Me. He means that I'm that girl.

Elsa and Edwin go to the movie theater. They were in the parking lot. After the movie, they're tired.

"So, are we going home?" Elsa asks with a smile.

"I...think so."

"Great. Then we will-"

"Wait!" He spoke. "Elsa, there's something I tell you. And it was a lie."


"I was the guy who always talked about you, not Jack."

Then that let her in shock.

The spaces in between
Two minds and all the places they have been
The spaces in between

I try to put my finger on it
I try to put my finger on it

I think I might have inhaled you
I can feel you behind my eyes
Youve gotten into my bloodstream
I can feel you flowing in me

I think I might have inhaled you
I can feel you behind my eyes
Youve gotten into my bloodstream
I can feel you flowing in me


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