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I just want to say that Mejibray gives me the courage to go ahead everyday in every situation. The lyrics of your songs are so beautiful and the sounds of the guitar, bass and drums made a perfect complement between them, that sometimes it makes me cry, seriously. We don't always feel good, sometimes we feel alone and that is when you come to "save" my  life with your beautiful and deep voice. I hope you have a wonderful day in your birthday and I really hope to see you live very soon...

Happy Birthday Tsuzuku-sama!

Akane, Chile.


Hello Tsuzuku-san:


I'm a fan from Chile, really far away from your country, we have like 12 hours time zone difference, my language is Spanish, but I'll try to write in English, because I don't know anything about Japanese language.


I have a Mejibray's fan base in my country to spread the news and show people how amazing

your band is. On the other hand, for me is really sad to see you so depressed sometimes, I have depression too, I know it gets really hard sometimes and we see all dark and there`s no light, but there is a light indeed, we have friends, family, music, nature, animals, we have several reasons to be alive, so much more you, you’re really  talented, don’t let this sickness to win your battle, I’m really proud of you, even if I don’t have the right to be so, you’re a fighter.


I can really say you're truly beloved, I know many fans that love you and appreciate your work, I love your voice, your style, your lyrics, everything, please cheer up, you have people who love you in the other side of the world. Please smile, you look so handsome when you do it.


Now is your birthday, やった~ 誕生日おめでとうございます! You have to celebrate this day like there's no other, being alive is a gift, enjoy and have fun!


Lots of love from here.





Ela, Chile.














私は カロラ です!、私はチリ人です。。。チリがどこに知っていますか? ^^


The first time I heard your voice was about 2 years ago, I was on my way to the University and I came across with a song from this VK band called Vanessa.. the song was胎動.. God it was so damn good that since then I have being amazed by your talent. Now you are in a new path with Mejibray and like wine gets better with years, music gets better with passion, perseverance and experience, and now you are making it through and getting higher! I'm very proud of you ~ keep yourself strong, have fun, enjoy your moment, be happy but don't you ever forget that we are here for you :). Happy birthday man! thousand of hugs from the distance.


                                                     Carola, Chile.

Dear Tsuzuku:


I'm a fan from Chile, I want to wish you a happy birthday, I'd like you to have a nice day, full of good memories with your beloved ones, parents, friends and also fans.


I hope this year get better for you... like a fan is so sad see you or read your web's publications, I'd like to tell you that I understand you but only you know how your real life is, of course. So I can say nothing more than you aren't alone. You can't see but around the world you have a lot of people supporting to you, go on, you have a long way to go in life, as in music. Please, allows us to enjoy more of your music and your voice, either the most sad or the most happy, we'll be happy if you could share your feelings... remember you aren't alone, there is a whole world waiting for you, Japanese stages are just the beginning.


Hugs and kisses from the distance.

Rocío, Chile

P.S. I hope to see one of your live shows as soon as possible


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