El Día de Los Muertos

This is a poem about The Day of The Dead my friends and I wrote in Spanish class! It was for a language poem competition and we won! (the prize was chocolate nomnomnom!) Translations below the original.

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1. El día de Los Muertos


El día de los muertos,

Una fiesta hístorica,

No da mucho miedo,

¡Y me encanta la comida!


Hay los caramelos,

Y la música es muy vibrante,

Los esqueletos bailan,

¡Que divertido es la muerte!


English translation (WARNING, sounds very random):


The day of the dead,

A historical festival,

Not very scary,

And I love the food!


There are candies,

And the music is very vibrant,

Skeletons dance,

Death is FUN!

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