Floating Paradise

Becca's sixteenth birthday is comming and as her fifteenth birthday present was a disaster, her parents got a better idea of what she would like.

A one month cruise around the caribbean.

1Me gustan

1. Chapter 1

Have you ever noticed how perfect are guys and relationships in some books? I mean, you just have to read 'Twilight' to notice it. 
But deap in the inside every women, who reads that sort of story ,knows that guys aren't really that perfect and most of the time, relationships end up on cheating or divorse. 
Sometimes, if you are lucky, your relation would be so special that nothing would break it, but most of the time that only happens in books and movies. 

- Rebecca! - mom yelled, interrupting my reading - Come here for a second, please! We would like to talk to you - Maybe, just maybe, my mom doesn't know that we live on the same house. She is always screaming like if I was her neighbor instead of her daughter.

Like, seriously mom? We live on the same house and your room is next to mine, there's no need for yelling. 

I could hear you even if you whisper. Or maybe not... but that's not the point.

- Coming! - I said, slightly marking the corner of page I had just finished reading and leaving my book carefully on the night table next to my bed. 

I headed to my parents room. My mom was sitting on the enormous bed in the middle of the room, my dad sat next to her. 

- We need to talk to you - this time, my dad was the one who spoke.

Oh no. What did I do this time? I can't remember doing something wrong... What if they found out when I dyed Emily's puddle hair pink? Or what if a relative of ours died? Shit. Shit. Shit. - Calm down, you aren't in trouble and nobody died - mom said, guessing the reason of my frightened face.

- How do you do it? - I asked really impressed of how she could always tell by my face what was going through my mind. 

- Do what? - she asked, clearly confused about my weird question. 

- Like, read my mind. You always know what I'm thinking. You have a daughter mind reader on your phone or what? - my dad just laughed at my stupidity while my mom thought about what to answer. 

- I don't know. I think it's because I've known you since you we're a baby and I guess we have some kind of connection - she said, smiling at me. 

- Good answer, but I'll stay with the daughter mind reader phone aplication - I said with a wink. Both of my parents laughed at my occurrence.

- Anyways. We called you because we wanted to talk to you about something important - dad said, getting serious again.

- The thing is, Becs, - Becs is the nickname of my family towards me. I prefer Becca, I think it's prettier - that you are turning sixteen this summer, in a few weeks, right? - it was more a question that a statement. 

My own father isn't sure about when my birthday is. Shame on you dad, shame on you...

- Right - I simply said

- So, your mother and I were had in mind that it would be a great idea, to give you an awesome and great birthday present this year. Since last year present didn't turn out as we planned to - 

I can still remember last year present. 

That day, my mom came to my room early in ther morning. She was holding a purple box.
I can also remember how strange the box was to me. Weird noises came from the inside and the thing inside it was moving. 
My first reation was thinking it would probably be a little dog or a baby cat. 
But, I was wrong. When I opened the first thing I saw was a little pig cuddled up. 
The first two or three weeks it was really cute to see the pig running or jumping around the house 
But he started getting bigger and bigger so we had to gave it away to some guy who was interested in it. 
Everything was ok, but a around three months later, the guy that we gave my pig to, send us a little basket with ham and bacon inside, and next to it a little note saying: 

Thanks for the pig!

And ladies a gentleman that's why I became vegetarian. 

Well, I hope that this years present isn't a chicken or something like that. Something a bit more normal. 

- Ok, and what's this awesome and great present about? - I asked, hoping they would say a new cell phone, because and iPhone 5 will do me good. Just saying.

- We were thinking about a one month cruise around the caribbean - 

- Oh My God! Are you serious? Where do I have to sign? - I said jumping and dancing around my parents room. Both of them looked at me like if they were doubting my mental health. 

- I guess that's a yes? - said my father, still looking at me like I was a freak. 

- I would say that it's atentimesyesofcourseabsolutlyyeahyouarethebestparentsintheworldiloveyou - I said, breathing again as I finished the whole sentence without breathing. 

- Just one more thing, you are going with my sister, since I don't like ships and your father gets dizzy easily - 

I let out a relief sigh. For a moment I thought I was going alone. And me plus alone plus a cruise in the middle of the ocean means a disaster. I would probably end up eaten by a whale.

- When you refer to "your sister" who of them are you talking about? - I said, not jumping anymore.

My mom has two sisters. One of them is sweet and kind auntie Kate and the other one is bitch aunt Mary. 

Please let it be sweet and kind auntie Kate. Please let it be sweet and kind auntie Kate. Please let it be sweet and kind aunt-

- You are going with Kate - she said, taking a fluff from her dress. 

Thank God is Kate instead of Mary. If it was Mary, I would probably end jumping of the ship.

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