The beggining of the end

Friendship is the most powerfull weapon in the entire world, friends are with you whenever you need them, specially true friends, this was the case of Sophie and Melissa, they were friends since they were little kids, they practically grew up together surrounded also by their male best friends Niall and Louis, who have supported them though hard times, heartbroken and always know how to put a smile back on their faces... But sometimes friendship turns into a different way of love , and it's then where you are able to see the begging of the end.

1Me gustan

3. The day has come!


So the day has come, the day they all were waiting for …it was Meli’s and Niall’s Anniversary, but also their first day at Senior year, with the three new students coming to their school this first day would be something interesting to see … they can only hope for the best.

The sun shines through Meli’s window , as she woke up, she realize what day was today, a smile was all over her face, the only thing she want to do now, was to see Niall, but before that, she has to wait and get ready for school…. She picked her clothes carefully, after all this time dating Niall she always wanted to look her best every time she saw him.

She couldn’t wait any longer; she got ready as fast as she could, leaving her house without having her breakfast.

 She was waiting outside her house but Niall was never coming …. So she decided to walk to school…

She only gave a few steps when she suddenly heard a car horn… the car park by her side and as the windows come down she could see his face, it was… ZAYN.

-Zayn: Hey! May I give you a ride?

-Hey Zayn J thanks I would really appreciate that!

She came into the car, and gave Zayn a kiss on the cheek , it was usual for her to greet her friend like that, then she realize she wasn’t that close enough with Zayn, and she felt a little bit -            awkward  , but it didn’t seem to bother him at all…

Zayn: so--he said with a beautiful smile--why you were walking alone? Don’t Sophie and you walk together to school?   

Melissa looked right at Zayn eyes admiring those long eyelashes and Zayn beautiful eyes…

- Oh, YES we always do, but Niall my… my boyfriend told me he was driving me to school, but I guess something happened… he didn’t came, so I decide to walk

-So, you have a boyfriend? You never told me that.

-Well, you never ask me that

-He has to be a lucky man to date a girl like you, I mean just look how pretty you look today, he said with a cheeky smile.

Meli couldn’t tell but smile… Thanks Zayn J

Suddenly she heard her blackberry message tone … it was a text from Niall…

“Babe , I’m sorry ,I couldn’t make it, something happened, I swear I will make it up to you… meet me at school, Happy Anniversary, I love you <3 “  

Meli read his message really fast, she wasn’t mad at him, but at least he could send that text before making her wait about 20 minutes alone, but after all she knew Niall didn’t meant to leave her like that …



As they got to school, they felt the atmosphere of the first day: friends were shaking hands, giving each other’s hugs, there were smiles on everyone faces, this was going to be a good day… or at least that was she thought.

Melissa immediately saw Niall... he was standing there with a beautiful smile, his blue eyes were staring at her, and he was also holding a bouquet of roses:

As soon as she got were Niall was he said to her:

I love you babe, thanks for being the wonderful you, Happy Anniversary, giving her a soft kiss on the lips …

Zayn was trying not to look at them but he couldn’t he was just standing next to Melissa … Then Niall gave Melissa the roses and ask:

-Mmmm… who are you?

-He is Zayn, is Sophie’s friend… he gave me a ride

You could tell Niall was getting a little bit jealous...


Melissa notice that Niall was jealous so she just reply angrily

 -Cause you didn’t pick me up.

-Well thanks then…. Giving Zayn a dirty look…. I must leave … see you later.

Niall was upset about his girlfriend coming at someone else car, specially a boy he didn’t even know.

You could see on Zayn face he was a little surprise about Niall’s reaction, I mean, after all, he just made him a favor … but he was just too shy to say something to Meli…

-I’m sorry about that Zayn; I don’t know why he is acting like that.

-Ohh! Don’t ya worry, it‘s ok, I hope not to give you more problems.

-Don’t worry; I’ll talk to him later


Melissa notice Louis, Sophie and Harry coming together to meet them, Louis always being the crazy self, introduce himself to Zayn

-Well Hello you new boy, I’m Louis Tomlinson, who are you?

-Hey, I’m Zayn J

-Well nice to meet you Zayn, this is curly haired here is Harry, he is my best friend.

-Nice to meet you man.

They both shake hands and smile, suddenly, things were getting complicated… Liam appear from nowhere and also join the group , you could see how surprise were Meli and Louis by looking at their faces, however Zayn didn’t seem so surprise , he actually had a smile on his face.

-Hey J guys! He said smiling at everyone there including Harry.

There has been a long time since Liam and Sophie’s broke up but he actually never came back to talk to her after that.

-Hello Sophie, he said looking at her with a puppy dog. If there was something that Sophie always knew about Liam is that when he is sorry about something you can see it perfectly in his eyes.

-Hey, what you’re doing here? She said smiling

-Well, I’m going to study here now

-Welcome then. She said trying to end the conversation.

-Sophie, may I talk to you for a second, privately?

- Mmmm… sure.

Harry’s facial expression change in matter of seconds his eyes followed her until she left while Louis and Meli were begging that Sophie didn’t fall for him again, but Zayn as always was “proud” of his friend trying to make up things with the girl he love.

Sophie and Liam’s POV.

-I just wanted to tell you that I feel really sorry about what happened between us, I can see in your eyes you’re disappointed, cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart 
I tore it apart and girl what a mess I made upon your innocence and no woman in the world deserves this but here I am asking you for one more chance, Sophie I decide to change to this school because I wanted to be near you, I have missed you every single day since we broke up and I know it’s maybe too late to apologize but I’m really sorry, would u forgive me?


Sophie didn’t know what to think, or even what to say she was just impressed about Liam words; those were the cutest thing someone ever told her, the boy was being honest, and she could see in his eyes he meant every word… he just said he miss her, he change school just for her, that means he still loving her, but did she also love him? Would she forgive him?

The bell rang and Sophie found her chance to leave…

-I’m sorry, I don’t want to be late at our first day, we will talk later.

She walk as fast as she can … she just wanted to escape from about what just happened.

All the boys saw her walking and Louis couldn’t resist and said:

-And ladies and gentleman this is just the begging  of our senior year … Meli immediately dig him giving him a dirty look… but she knows, Louis has a point,  this was not going to be a typical high school day.




 Sophie went directly to find her classroom, as she walk through the classroom she notice Niall, it was nice to find her best friend after all just happened, even though Melissa was her female best friend, she has more confidence with Niall, they are friends since they were kids,  she felt like she can tell EVERYTHING to Niall… They both smile at each other, then Niall make some space to her to sit by his side.

-Thanks God, you are here… Guess who is coming to our school?

The only new student Niall remembered was the one that was with Melissa, but he didn’t say anything and just ask: Who? -Very innocently.

-Liam!! …. WHAT? Sophie! Are you kidding me?

-I wish Niall! But he’s here, I forgot to tell you before, the other day I was at the mall with Melissa, and I met his best friend Zayn, I think you never met him, but the thing is that he told me both of them were coming to our school and just a minutes ago Liam talked to me, saying he is sorry about everything he did and he also told me, he changed school just to being able to see me.

 -WOW! That dude is insane! Don’t tell me you believe him!

-Actually … I did, you could see he was sorry, but, despite that I’m not going back with him.

-I’m glad to hear that, and by the way thanks for introducing that jerk to Meli…

-Are you talking about Zayn? Niall he isn’t a jerk! He’s really friendly, why do you think that about him?

-I just saw them both of them getting off HIS CAR!

-Big deal!! Niall come on, I mean he just gave her a ride … but weren’t you supposed to pick her up?

-Yes, but my mom decide to wash the car, and she did it at the last minute, so I had to take the bus…  THE BUS! Do you know how much I hate that bus?

-Yes Niall, I know, since you were a kid you hate it for no reason, remember, that was the reason that made us the friends we are now, you were crying like a baby the first day of elementary school, and I cheered you up.

-Nahhh! That’s not true; you were the one who was crying…

-Nope Niall it was you! You weepy boy!

-Shhhh! don’t say that at loud!

They both laugh; whenever you see both of them together the only thing you can hope was to hear them laughing. Was good for Sophie to have Niall as a friend, he always find the way to cheer her up J

The teacher got into the classroom … it was a typical geography class, but of course for our besties every single chance they found in the class they took it as an opportunity to continue with their conversation.

-So Niall, you were jealous about Zayn and Meli coming together?

-Well, not jealous… I was just... Sophie was looking at him with an “I don’t believe you” look on her face… Ok!! I WAS JEALOUS! Fine? Stop looking at me like that!

Sophie giggle and began to listen to him again.

-So, I was a little bit upset of him droving her here, have you look at her? She looks stunning, and he was the first one to see her, and she didn’t notice, but, he was flirting with her, and I couldn’t resist , you know how protective I am …do you think she is mad at me?

-No way, she is not like that, I’m pretty sure, she knows you didn’t want her to wait like that…

-Yeah! But is not only that, I kind of make a scene with Zayn there, I was kind of rude with him.

-Niall! You gotta be serious, why did you do that? It’s your anniversary, I think you both should spent time together, being the nice couple you always are, instead of fighting. 

-I wish I could spend some time with her, but I think we have no matching classes this year.

-That doesn´t matter Niall, I’m sure you will see her at the hallways, as soon as you clear up things with her everything will be better for you.

-Hey Sophie, you should listen to your own advice. I’m not the only one with a pending conversation.

Niall has a point, she knew the bell save her from her conversation with Liam, but sooner or later she needed to talk to him and clear things up, even though she rather later.

-You’re right, I will talk to him when I get the chance, but you should talk to Meli as soon as this boring class finish.

“Hey you both, Horan and company, if you think the class if boring enough to you, there’s the door”- The teacher said to them.

They both giggle….  Sophie I THINK you should learn to close your mouth!! Niall said trying his best not to laugh.  Thankfully the bell rang and they both came out running of the classroom…

-Look, there’s Meli go talk to her!!

-NO WAY! See who is with her!! Do you see what I’m talking about?

Meli was coming with Zayn, they both were laughing, and you could tell they were having a great time together.

-Niall! Just go!


Niall hesitate but he did it, he walk to Meli, he was doing this now.

-Hey Melissa… may I talk to you?

-Bro… we’re getting late to our next class-Zayn said.

-Yes that’s truth, sorry Niall, maybe later- Meli add.

-Your next class? Niall ask confused…. Yes, Zayn and I got matching classes all day… sorry babe, we gotta go…

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