The beggining of the end

Friendship is the most powerfull weapon in the entire world, friends are with you whenever you need them, specially true friends, this was the case of Sophie and Melissa, they were friends since they were little kids, they practically grew up together surrounded also by their male best friends Niall and Louis, who have supported them though hard times, heartbroken and always know how to put a smile back on their faces... But sometimes friendship turns into a different way of love , and it's then where you are able to see the begging of the end.

1Me gustan

4. The das has come II


Melissa & Zayn POV 

-You know Melissa, I’m glad we got matching classes, thanks to you; I’m not spending alone my first day.

-Aww J don’t mention it, I’m also glad, you’re a nice guy, I’m pretty sure we are going to be good friends.

-I hope so, but I also hope not to give you more problems with Niall, I feel like this first day I make a good friend and also I made an enemy.

-HAHAHA! Don’t say that, he’s not your enemy, if you both got the chance to know each other better, you would get along well. Now, let’s hurry Zayn, we are coming late!

They both get in their sits, they sat together. In that class was also Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor, she was one of the best looking girls at school, she was really outgoing such as Louis, they made a nice couple, but, with both of them together, you should be careful, they are always making jokes.

They were having math, the teacher walk thought the door, and the class started, the teacher begin to explain the class, it was algebra, Meli was a good student, but when it comes to math, she was a mess.

-GOD! I don’t understand, if this is math, why it has letters?

Zayn was trying his best not to laugh about how desperate Meli looked.

-Hey, take it easy, if you see them as an enemy you will never be able to understand them – he said with a cute smile on his face.

-Ohh! You say that because you like them, but I don’t.

-Hey! I don’t like them; they are just easier for me J

-You are such a smarty pant…. Zayn push her gently… She just look at him smiling as she get lost in Zayn eyes, she was just admiring those big brown eyes.

Louis was sitting behind them and notice the moment both of them were having…so he cough trying to break their moment… it works, it made Meli to look at him knowing he did it on purpose, he just look at her and he got back to put attention to what their teacher was saying.

What was Meli doing, he was so close to Zayn face and she just got lost in his eyes? He has a boyfriend!! Thanks God, she had her best friend that brings her back to reality. 



Sophie left Niall without looking behind, she was trying to find her next class, she notice Harry getting into the same classroom she was going, she was happy to spend that class with him, but little she know who was also inside… When she got inside , she was surprise that Liam and Harry were sitting together and there were no free sits, both of them saw her and instantly stand up offering their places… that was really an awkward moment for the 3 of them, then the teacher said:

-Guys, don’t worry I think Sophie can sit between both of you.

 He carried the chair for her exactly between Liam and Harry, she couldn’t believe this, this was not happening to her, she was getting nervous by every step she made to reach her sit. Finally she got there, both of them smiled at her. By that moment she wanted to disappear.

The teacher started his class and there was an awkward silence between 3 of them, then, to make things worst Liam hand her a note, she didn’t wanted to look it at that moment so she just hide it in her bag… Then she saw Harry had something wrote on his notebook , it said: “Glad you are here, you look beautiful”.

Sophie and Harry has been texting each other almost from the first day they met, but Harry never told her an accomplishment, he was kind of flirting with her now, or not? Was he?

 -Thank you and then she blush.

-Just telling the truth.

Liam was watching that, I mean, he was by their side, and he of course he notice the look on Harry’s face, it seems that Harry had a crush on Sophie and Liam was not letting him won her like that.

He touched her shoulder to make her look at him, and he said:

-You are always beautiful.

Sophie was feeling torn, she still have feelings for Liam, after all it was her first love, but she was getting feelings for Harry? She just met him! It couldn’t happen…

Then, she looked at him admiring those beautiful green eyes, she never realize how beautiful were Harry eyes… This couldn’t happen , she was not getting in love with him… she didn’t know if Harry was feeling the same way, and also, she didn’t  want someone to broke her heart again.

She couldn’t resist any longer, she stand up and without saying a word she got out of the classroom.

She walked directly to the restroom, she just stood there for a second and then she remember Liam’s note, and she took it out of her bag and read it…

“I still loving you, hope you forgive me”

She walked to her other class, hopefully none of them were with her now…

The day went better and finally was lunch time, she was going able to see her friends and hopefully Harry… wait, she wanted to see Harry? Oh no, this was not happening, she was realizing that she was getting in love with him, while walking to the cafeteria she was thinking about this, there was something on Harry’s smile that make her feel overwhelmed, his curly hair and his green eyes were just perfect, and when she was with him she forgot about everything, she enjoy talking with him, he was a really nice guy…


-Hey Sophie! Someone called her from behind. It was Liam…

-Oh, hey Liam, what’s up?

-Did you read my note?

-Yes I read it… she said trying not to make eye contact

-And? I would love to hear your answer babe, this feeling it’s killing me inside.

-I think we need to talk about this, but not here, is just not the right time and not the right side to do it.

-Ok, what about after school… I’ll take you to your house and then we can talk.

-Sure… I’m going to find Melissa, talk to you later.

-Alright, go.

She didn’t want people start talking about her and the new guy, after all people knew she was dating Liam, but they didn’t know that Liam want her back and she wanted things to stay like that, she didn’t want to anyone to listen their conversation…

She couldn’t find Melissa, not even Niall, then she finally saw Louis, he was with Eleanor and Harry. Sophie walked towards them.

-Hey guys! -Hi Eleanor- she said.

-Hey babe, Eleanor said- It’s good to see you again.

-Yeah, I miss you on vacations; we need to catch up later.

-Sure, Eleanor said smiling.

-Sophie, why did you leave like that at chemistry? Harry asked.

-Oh , I wasn’t feeling well – she said the first thing that come to her mind

-But, are you feeling better now?  Louis ask caringly

-Yes, don’t worry J

-Good, well guys, Eleanor and I have to go.

-Why are we leaving? Eleanor asked.

-Cause we have to do that thing.

- What thing?

-You know, THAT THING!!

 Then Eleanor realized Louis just wanted to leave Harry and Sophie alone.

-OHHH! She said- that thing, yes guys, sorry, enjoy your lunch, see ya later!

-Oh, ok, bye , Sophie said.


-I guess is just you and me- Harry said with a cheeky smile

-Yes, shall we sit?

- Sure.

Harry moved the chair so Sophie could sit on it. Then he sat by her side.

-And, did u really left chemistry because you were not feeling ok?

-Mmm, yeah , why do you ask?

-I don’t know, I mean I was there and If I were you I would feel awkward sitting next to my ex in class.

-I was that obvious?

-Kind of … I saw both of you having a conversation this morning, is he trying to get you back?

Harry was being direct while asking her that, but the fact was that they have been talking for almost 3 weeks, there was confidence between them, he knew Sophie would answer him that, and of course he was asking because he was developing some special interest on her.

-I don’t know, why do you think I should do?

Harry didn’t know want to answer back, he couldn’t be selfish and tell her to not get back with him, even though he wanted that.

-Well, I don’t really know a lot about your situation with him, but  I’ve heard some things about it, and it seems like he did something wrong, I believe everybody deserves a second chance, but it’s up to you, just listen to your heart… but also remember that there is also a lot of boys that will feel lucky to be with you

-Thanks Harry, it’s really nice to count on you in this moments, even though I not really sure about what you said the last.

-I’m pretty sure I’m right Sophie, you just open your eyes and maybe you will see the right guy for you.

-I don’t know how you never had a girlfriend, you are so just charm and caring , every girl will be lucky to have you Harry.

-Thanks, I’m just waiting for the right person to come.

-Same here- she said smiling showing her beautiful smile

Harry could not help for her smile and say:

-You have a beautiful smile Sophie

She just blushed and turned her face to the floor. Sophie was really shy when it comes to people telling her she was beautiful, is not that she didn’t feel pretty, it just that she was just that shy.

-Hey, don’t hide your face when someone tells you that you are pretty,  it just make you look prettier – Then she giggled....

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