The beggining of the end

Friendship is the most powerfull weapon in the entire world, friends are with you whenever you need them, specially true friends, this was the case of Sophie and Melissa, they were friends since they were little kids, they practically grew up together surrounded also by their male best friends Niall and Louis, who have supported them though hard times, heartbroken and always know how to put a smile back on their faces... But sometimes friendship turns into a different way of love , and it's then where you are able to see the begging of the end.

1Me gustan

1. Surprises!


The senior year is about to begin, they were really excited about the prom, dance and everything that they going to live. However they still have two week of vacation, but they can enjoy these weeks with their best friends Louis and Niall.


Louis and Melissa have been best friends since they had 12, and now they´re 18 and 16. Melissa thinks that best friends are those that when you need them, they always be there for you, and Louis always have been there for her. And she needs his help now; she needs him to buy an anniversary gift.

-Let´s go Melissa it´s getting late- said Louis

 –I just finished-

– We just are going to buy an anniversary gif, not to a party-complained Louis

 - I know, and I’m ready let´s go.

-What have you been thought to buy?-

-Well honestly I don’t know, what is supposed to give when fulfill your first anniversary with your boyfriend? Because I don’t know it’s my first time

- Well I think, HARRY!

-Ah? What is that? I don’t think that Niall wants a Harry.

 –No silly there is harry, is my friend who just moved here, come on I am going to introduce you.

-Hi harry

-Hey Louis how are you?

-Fine, she is my best friend Melissa, Melissa he is Harry

-Nice to meet you- And what are you doing?

-we are looking anniversary gift for her boyfriend, join us

-Ok, I´ll try to help.

Looking an anniversary gift is difficult and tired but if you have friends like Louis, and make friends like harry is really funny. Friends just do the things easier.  

The phone began to ring, and is the song that describes my bff, so I know is Sophie who is calling.

-Hi Sophie

- Hi Meli, we have a long time that we don’t talk, come to my house tomorrow, please- Don’t worry I’ll be there, love you.

Sophie is shy but at the same time is outgoing is like a combination of both, But Melissa is more outgoing than her and that’s make to their complete each other. They have been best friend since they were a child, and Sophie was who introduced Melissa to Niall and both are the best friends of Sophie, They really have a beautiful friendship but this year they didn’t know that everything would change.



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