The beggining of the end

Friendship is the most powerfull weapon in the entire world, friends are with you whenever you need them, specially true friends, this was the case of Sophie and Melissa, they were friends since they were little kids, they practically grew up together surrounded also by their male best friends Niall and Louis, who have supported them though hard times, heartbroken and always know how to put a smile back on their faces... But sometimes friendship turns into a different way of love , and it's then where you are able to see the begging of the end.

1Me gustan

2. Surprises! Part 2


Melissa POV

Obviously is typical have a friend that always makes you waiting for her. Melissa always do that to me, I really love her, it´s my best friend but I never know if she are coming or not.

-I was waiting many hours for you Melissa

- Sorry Sophie but Louis called me and told me that he is coming with his friend harry

- Oh, ok, another day we can talk, just us.

- Please don’t be angry Sophie, Louis is also my bff

- Yeah I know.

Hi girls- said Louis happily,-I bring a movie so, and we can see it together, I going to prepare everything

- Yes Louis you are in your home

- Louis is always like that- said Melissa to harry- She is Sophie and Sophie he is harry.

He was taller than me, he has curly hair like me but his smile surprised me, it was so perfect that I couldn’t believe, the only thing that I could do was smile but obviously not like him. When we started to see the movie wasn´t there place for me, only by his side, I was really happy inside of me, especially when he started to talk to me:

-Do you like the romantic’s movies?

- A little bit, some of them are really good

- I like them, are my favorites.

- So are you a romantic boy?

- I don’t know if I am because I never had someone to show it.

–Really? I don’t believe you

- Yes is true I´ve never had a girlfriend.

-I know that someone really especial is waiting for you.

I was really happy when he said that, but was too early to think in a relationship I just have to accept that he was pretty handsome.



The thing that I most loved of Niall was the sweet and tender that he could be. I woke up this morning and the fist that I saw was a rose with a note:

 “Only 1 days left to the especial day, I love you, sincerely:  Niall”

Niall always is like that with me; he always thinks in me, he’s the perfect boyfriend that I could have. I am deeply fall in love with him. However the life always give you surprises and when you think that all is right always happens something and ruins everything that you love.


Just one day to the first day of class, so Sophie and me are getting ready buying the last things, but how I said the life give you surprises.

- Omg are you zayn? Asked Sophie

-  Sophie! Yes I am what surprise!

 - I didn’t see you in much time

- I now but we´re going to see more time now

- Really? Why?

- Because Liam and me moved to your school.

-Oh! That is great; certainly this is my Bff Melissa

-Hi Melissa, are you in the same school?

-Yes I am.

-So, I hope to see you tomorrow, I have to go, bye girls.

-Oh God, he is Liam´s Bff

-Really? Well the first day of class it’s going to be interesting, I fulfill my first year with Niall, and we have 3 new classmates: Harry, Zayn and your ex- Liam!

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