The beggining of the end

Friendship is the most powerfull weapon in the entire world, friends are with you whenever you need them, specially true friends, this was the case of Sophie and Melissa, they were friends since they were little kids, they practically grew up together surrounded also by their male best friends Niall and Louis, who have supported them though hard times, heartbroken and always know how to put a smile back on their faces... But sometimes friendship turns into a different way of love , and it's then where you are able to see the begging of the end.

1Me gustan

5. It´s not what it seems


Melissa was on her way to the cafeteria with Zayn, they both were goofing around and making jokes, Niall was able to see them and he didn’t want the new guys having lunch with his girlfriend, not specially in this day, not even because a little misunderstanding between them, he had a surprise for her and he was going to show her…

He walk towards them and said:

-Hey Guys! Are you having fun?

- They both stop laughing and stared at him- Yes we are- Zayn said.

-Good, Melissa may we talk know?

-Sure- she said smiling

-I will go to find Liam, Zayn added- see you guys later.

-Babe, I know this day is has not been as planned, and, I also know that my behavior this morning was not good, I’m sorry.

-It’s ok Niall; don’t worry, but honestly, I rather to spend this day as a peaceful day than fighting.

-I know babe, that’s why I have a surprise for you- he said cheeky.

-What? What are you talking about?

-Come with me and you will see.

He grabs her hand and star walking to the entrance of the school.

-Niall, we are not running away from school right?

-No babe, don’t worry, but know I need you to close your eyes.

-What there are stairs, I’m going to fell.

-No while I’m with you, trust me, if you fall, I will always catch you.

He covered her eyes with his hands and lead her to a beautiful green area their school has, almost anyone knew that place at school, so anyone would interrupt them there.

As they walked, he was telling her with a soft voice at her ear:

Baby you light up my world like nobody else, if only you saw what I can see, you’ll understand why I want you so desperately, right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe you don’t know you are beautiful, and that’s what makes you beautiful.

The only thing that Melissa could do was to smile.

-Now, open your eyes.

She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw were a blanket and a basket.

-Are we having a picnic Niall?

-Yes, we are, he said putting her hand on her waist, they were facing each other.

-Niall, this is the most beautiful thing that someone has ever done for me. I love you.

-I love you even more Melissa, and then he gave her a soft kiss on the lips, the way he felt whenever he kisses Melissa was like a stampede of butterflies in his stomach, it was just a nice feeling, everything seems right all the  time they were together.

They both look at each other’s eyes and smile, and then Niall said:

-I hope you like the food, I cooked by myself- he said proudly

-Well, let’s try it then.

-Niall you gotta be serious! These are sandwiches! HAHAH!

-Yeah! I know, but… I made them by myself! Aren’t they delicious?

-Ohh! Yes they are babe, but when you said “I cooked” I imagine another thing.

-You know I’m not good cooking things.

- Yes, you are only good eating them.

They both stay there until they finished their lunch.


The day went by and it was finally time to go to their houses.

Melissa, Sophie, Niall and Eleanor were together at their last class: history. Louis and Harry were at art, and Zayn and Liam were at P.E.

They all met outside school, Sophie was talking to Eleanor when Liam came and reminds her he will drive her to her house.

-Oh sure, let’s go. Sophie said.

-Niall looked at her and whisper: Good luck.

Harry just smile at her, he was freaking jealous of Liam right now, he doesn’t want Sophie to spend time with Liam, Louis told him everything Liam did to her, she deserves someone better.

-Goodbye guys, nice to meet you all- Zayn said and then he left.

There were only Niall, Melissa, Louis, Eleanor and Harry, they didn’t like to talk behind Sophie but any of them couldn’t resist.

-I hope Sophie does not fall for him again- Eleanor said, she just a nice girl, he doesn’t deserve him.

-I know, Niall, added, if he breaks her heart again, I swear I will break his cute face.

-His cute face? I swear sometimes I doubt if you are straight! Melissa said, they all laugh.

-Come on Harry, we all know you are better than Liam. Louis added.

-What? …. I don’t know what you are talking about; Harry said trying not to make eye contact.

-Ohh! Don’t lie to us Harry, we all know you like her- Eleanor said.

-Wait a minute, who are you? Niall asked.

-He is Louis friend, he is new at our school, Meli explain to Niall.

-Nice to meet you man, I don’t know you but I bet you are better for Sophie than Liam!

-Thank dude, that means a lot, he said smiling.


Sophie and Liam were finally at her house, they both sit in the couch to start their conversation

-Do you want something to drink, a coke or water?

-No, it’s ok, don’t worry.

-So, how was your first day?

-It was good, it would be better if I had been with you.

-Liam, I think we need to clear things up, you asked me to forgive you, and I already did since the day we broke up, I’m not bitter, you are a nice guy with a big heart, but I only love you as a friend, sorry.

-It’s ok, Sophie , don’t worry, the most important thing for me now, was to know that you forgive me, but I just want you to know, that I won’t give up on us that easily- he look at her right into her eyes and gave her a kiss on her  cheek.  Then he walked to the door and left.

Sophie stood there still trying to understand what just happened, it has been a long time since Liam looked at her like that, she kind of misses losing in his beautiful brown eyes, and suddenly she got a call…




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