La segunda

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1. Secretos


Hace tiempo se creó una cuenta en twitter para que la gente revelara anónimamente secretos y se me pusieron los pelos de punta con algunos. Me encantaría que en La segunda se entrevieran ciertos secretos, algunos de los que todos escondemos.

I know my ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend.but he still calls me everyday to say he misses me. I wish she knew

I’m tired of hooking up with my students; it’s unprofessional and damages my rep. but the danger and young flesh is too tempting!

I love the IDEA of love, but can’t stand any other human long enough to actually engage in relationship. I’m 36 and will die a virgin

I found out that before my Mom left my family, she had an abortion. My father didn’t touch her for a year before she left. Whose kid?

I am so in love with a woman in Connecticut I am completely distracted. She is all I think of 24 hours a day. I do not love my wife

I am in love with my best friend.. she doesn’t love me back.. so instead i am having sex with the girl that broke her heart.

I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world to you. But I know that will never be

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