Mumble Discusiones: Yes I'm still alive!

  • Raggedy Apple

    mumbled "Yes I'm still alive!"

    Hi everyone!! So I'm writing this from my dorm where I will be living for my sophomore year of college! Yes, I can't believe I am now saying sophomore year of college. My brother starts his sophomore year of high school tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited for him! Anyways, on to the matter of business.
    I am still writing. I'm actually working on three separate projects. One is a contemporary novel, another is an au, and the third is a collaborative au I'm doing with some friends. While it may seem like I'm not on here a lot, I do check the app a lot. I will definitely try to get finished Fairly Local but the story is just getting started.
    I have no clue yet if I will publish another work on her, but it's in the air. Movellas is where I got my beginning with writing, and I couldn't possibly leave it yet. But more on that will come soon.
    What else? Oh yeah, I'm bisexual. There's that.
    Uhm...I think that's really all?
    So yeah. If anyone wants to see what's up, follow me on my bookstagram @/booksandsouffles or my twitters! I'm on either @/bookandsouffles or @/saucyksj. Mostly the second one.
    See you guys soon!