Mumble Discusiones: Aca-HELL YEAH!!!

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    mumbled "Aca-HELL YEAH!!!"

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    Everyone, meet Pentatonix, this EPIC acapella group I stumbled across on YouTube and this mix of songs by Daft Punk they put together.

    White hair - Scott Hoying
    First guy singing - Mitch Grassi
    Guy with dreadlocks - Avi Kaplan
    Other beatboxer - Kevin Olusola
    Girl in blue - Kirstie Maldonado
    Megites Nightshade
    They won a Grammy for the Daft Punk medley!!! I went to a concert of theirs last weekend. They are so awesome!!!!! <3 :)
    4 years ago
    LUCKY!!! :( I really want them to come to Australia. I already love them, adore them, stalk them and watch all their videos.