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    mumbled "New Story in need of Characters"

    So hello everyone! I am (cause I'm on the process) writing a new Ashton Irwin Fic, and I need five characters. So if you want to be part of it, I need for your name (real or not), favourite colour, a brief description of how you look, and another one of your personality :)
    Thank you very much! I'm hoping to have the first chapter uploaded by the end of this week :)

    Ps. Mind checking out my movellas? If you want leave me a comment and I'll read one of yours :*

    Lot's of love!

    -Gab ;)
    4 years ago
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    Sydney|Crimson Red|Short dark brown hair. only 5'3". not fat but not thin. dark brown eyes. dresses in big band shirts and leggings most of the time|i dont give a fuck attitude but shy to people i dont know. gets really anxious. have had trouble with self harm and depression ��. seems like i dont care but ill help anyone who needs it including people i hate||Thank you ❤️
    4 years ago
    Aly purple is my favourite colour I have brown hair with redish under tones I'm a singer in band I'm shy at first and I also self harm and I'm very easily hurt
    4 years ago
    Fay my fav colour is blue I have dirty blonde hair with red dip dye and I play guitar.i quite loud but can be shy sometimes