Thunder chances at Title

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Thunder chances at Title

Chances at a Title and sum up of the year

The Thunder have been in some crisis for the last couple of months and years but the year this year has been a whirlwind and this is about if we have a legitimate shot at a title, Westbrook's historic season and what exactly happened this year without missing one single point so here it is.

Okay let's start from the beginning of the 2016 offseason.  Kevin Durant was a free agent and decided to leave the Thunder and go to the Golden State Warriors.  I think this is a cowardly move since the team was good and we got to the Western Conference Finals and everything was great and he has a great tandem with Russel Westbrook and just left.  Another problem with this was that Kevin Durant left to the best team in the league with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green( kicked Steven Adams in the nuts), and the best bench in the league coming off of a 73 and 9 season.  Plus this team just beat the Thunder in the WCF(Western Conference Finals) and he went to that team which is wrong.  He also didn't even say goodbye to his teammate Russel Westbrook when he had stayed with him on the same team for 7 years.  He also hurt the Thunder in many ways especially our roster.   Well keep that in mind and let's go to our roster for the beginning of the season.

                                                          Russel Westbrook Point Guard

                                                          No one at shooting guard

                                                          Andre Roberson Small Forward

                                                          Ersan Ilyasova Power Forward

                                                          Steven Adams Center


Now let me just show you what a great job our General Manager Sam Presti did and how we fixed our roster.


                                                           Russel Westbrook Point Guard

                                                           Victor Oladipo Shooting guard

                                                            Andre Roberson Small Forward

                                                            Domantas Sabonis Power Forward

                                                            Steven Adams Center


Now let me tell you how drastically these teams changed.

The Thunder's point guard is the best point guard in the league in my opinion.

From no one to rookie standout Victor Oladipo is a drastic change for the better.

Andre Roberson is the same on this list but a dropoff from Kevin Durant who is a superstar to Andre Roberson is not good.

In this position I don't think it has changed that much but have young talent on the team is much better than old talent.

Steven Adams is the same on this list but this year I expect a huge improvement in him.


That is our current starting lineup but here is our bench lineup


                                                           Cameron Payne

                                                           Alex Abrines

                                                           Jerami Grant

                                                            Enes Kanter

                                                            Enes Kanter


Out of those players 4/5 players are excellent but the one bad part is Jerami Grant unless he has a huge improvement but this is our roster heading into the season now let's see what is our record is at the trade deadline.  We have way more wins than we have losses and that is a good sign of progress.  We have made some moves at the deadline and the trade we have made is Cameron Payne, Anthony Morrow, and Joffrey Lauvergne to the Bulls for Taj Gibson, and Doug McDermott.  Let me break down this trade Taj Gibson is an excellent player and Doug McDermott is shooter that we desperately need.  The thing about this that is bad is that we lost Cameron Payne since he was definitely a rising star.  But you gotta make some moves for the best right.


So now are schedule is nearing the end and our record so far is a 43 and 33 which is 10 more wins than losses and we are placed 6th in the Western Conference and mostly likely up against the Rockets in the first round which will be a nailbiter.  Now let's just compare these two teams by players


   Russel Westbrook Point Guard               Eric Gordon-------------pg

   Victor Oladipo Shooting guard                James Harden----------sg

    Andre Roberson Small Forward             Trevor Ariza-------------sf

     Taj Gibson Power Forward                      Ryan Anderson-------pf

      Steven Adams Center                           Clint Capela------------c


In this matchup pg we win sg lose sf tie pf tie c win so we win thanks to Steven Adams heroics but on the bench the rockets have Pat Beverely and Lou Williams and we have Enes Kanter And Abrines so we clearly win this matchup but we never know so let's just say we won this round and move on.  The 2nd round we wil likely be facing the Spurs which will be a tough matchup but let's break It down


 Russel Westbrook Point Guard                Tony Parker-------------pg

   Victor Oladipo Shooting guard                Danny Green----------sg

    Andre Roberson Small Forward             Kawhi Leonard-------------sf

     Taj Gibson Power Forward                    Lamarcus Aldridge-------pf

      Steven Adams Center                           Pau Gasol------------c


So here clearly it's a tie but you don't know since we win at the pg spot and at the sg spot but lose at the sf and pf spot and probably a tie down low in the post with Steven Adams and Pau Gasol both very good centers in the NBA.  So now let's say we move on and go to the WCF we likely will be against the powerhouse Warriors. So let's compare the teams


 Russel Westbrook Point Guard                Stephen Curry-------------pg

   Victor Oladipo Shooting guard               Klay Thompson----------sg

    Andre Roberson Small Forward            Kevin Durant-------------sf

     Taj Gibson Power Forward                   Draymond Green-------pf

      Steven Adams Center                          Zaza Pachulia------------c


So in this matchup we clearly lose since at pg we tie sg we tie sf Warriors win and pf Warriors win and center we win so that is 2-1 so they will overpower us and I really believe in coach Billy Donovan and crew and they got us here to a winning record with one superstar when you compare our team to the Trailblazers with one star in the name of Damian Lillard and crew.  So what I am saying is anything can happen and injuries happen so let's say we move on but we probably won't. So chances are we will be facing the Cavaliers so here's the breakdown.


 Russel Westbrook Point Guard              Kyrie Irving-------------pg

   Victor Oladipo Shooting guard              J.R. Smith----------sg

    Andre Roberson Small Forward          Lebron James-------------sf

     Taj Gibson Power Forward                  Kevin Love-------pf

      Steven Adams Center                       Tristan Thompson------------c


So in this matchup pg is tie sg is we win sf we lose pf we lose c we win.  So this is a tie matchup and after all these stats the chance of the Thunder getting a title will be slim but possible but we will get past the first round and could get past the 2nd round but the chances get very slim after that because beating the Warriors will be a very hard task.


So I'd say we have a so-so shot at the title but you never know we could win it all so that is my sum up of the year and our chances at a title and what has happened in a wild, hectic year that no one could have ever expected and also just saying Russel Westbrook will be the 2017 NBA MVP for beating Oscar Robertson's record of the most triple doubles in a single season and with that we conclude it.

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