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    Really good start and written better than some. Please keep writing! <3
    Homeless and Helpless.
    Homeless and Helpl...
    Harry Styles, the homeless guy who does everything for his sister Gemma's daughter Sam. Gemma died from cancer years ago, now, Sam and Harry lives in the streets, struggling to keep themselves alive. But...
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    (BowTiesAreCool) Hi, I've looked at the covers you've made so-far and I think they're brilliant. Certainly way better than anything I could make. I'd love it to have a cover made by you for one of my movellas but could I email you about it because in order for the cover to be right I'd like to give away a detail that's meant to be a surprise to the reader? xx
    [Old] Lily Anna's Covers *CLOSED*
    [Old] Lily Anna's...
    This used to be my main cover store but I now have a newer version so feel free to go there for any covers.
    Lily Anna
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    I can make you one, but probably not tonight because I won't have enough time. Sure just email me whenever and i'll reply to it as soon as I can. :)
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    I wouldn't expect it tonight anyway, you can take as long as you need. Thank you :-D
    Lily Anna
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    Ok, thanks! :) Your welcome! :)
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    One magical object from Harry Potter? A remembrall. That could really come in handy with a memory like mine.
    Everything Harry Potter
    Everything Harry...
    Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes then this is the Movella for you. Whether you just love discussing Harry Potter, telling Harry Potter related humor or anything else that is in any way connected to Harry...
    Emma Bird
    vor 5 Jahren
    Hehe I know what you mean!! xx
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    I like this. I think it's a good start. The characters well developed and realistic and you have made it your own story rather than overusing the same storyline as everone else seems to take. You do need to be careful with your tenses though. Are you writing in past or present? For example at the end of the second chapter you write 'My anger boiled up inside of me and I lunged at him. (then you switch to present tense) I laugh when I find I'm stronger' Besides from that and a quick check for typos it's pretty good. If you keep updating you'll probably get a lot more people noticing it.
    The original vampire
    The original vampi...
    I am finally awake ....after 100 years sleep I was finally woken up . But by who ? Who would be so foolish to wake up a vampire especially one as hungry , evil and heartless as me ? Surely not another...
    thankyou for the positive feedback :) Im gonna fix the typos over the week and update again soon
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