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Hey Guys!
My name is Jamie. I'm 19, I love music, good books, Josh Hutcherson, The Vampire Diaries, Disney Movies, 5SOS, One Direction and food. Ashton Irwin is the man for me.

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    mumbled "I'M BACK"

    So yeah... As you might noticed, I've been gone for quite a while now. I needed time to bring my grades back up and to get healthy again. But now... I'm almost done with school, so yeah, here I am again. I also joined wattpad (add me: blossomvictory), but I haven't been active or uploaded anything. I guess I'll upload there the story on which I'm working on so hard. Hint: it involves 5sos, whoop whoop.
    Hope you have a great day! It feels good to be back (: x
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    mumbled "Studying? Um, yeah..."

    I really should be studying right now, but I'm currently writing on a really difficult chapter of "Fire". I've never wrote something that could be compared to it, so it's really hard. Can't wait to publish it. IT'S F R I D A Y, I'm in love. <3 Hope you're having a good day! xx
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    I just started this and I have to say that I really really hate this voices and every time they appear and luke is upset I want to throw my phone on the floor, because calum and ashton are really trying their best... :(
    insane ✗ cake
    insane ✗ cake
    a story in which a raven haired boy falls in love with a psychopath killer.
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    got it, starring right now, wish me some luck!
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    Jace is really one of the cutest guys EVER! but I still ship Cal and Mary more. the way they're acting around each other... it's just.. I don't know, it fits. and I am so in love with sassy calum, haha. that's how you get a girl! love his reaction :) can't wait for an update xx
    ink ☾ cth [IN EDITING]
    ink ☾ cth [IN EDIT...
    everyone is born with a name written in ink on their wrist — the name of their soulmate
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