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IIIIII forgot my passcode but got it back so I'M BACK YALLS

go follow my other account CSpark it's technically a lot better

  • Thorns_And_Roses_
    I love this story!!! Please update, I love reading this!!!
    The Pirate King's Keeper
    The Pirate King's...
    //PIRATE HARRY AU//: Pirate Captain Styles has been in search his entire life. He was looking for the infamous stone that would grant him all of his innermost desires. Duchess Emmaline Somers is...
  • Thorns_And_Roses_
    Name: Coco Caoltyr O’Malley
    Age: immortal, looks about eighteen
    Appearance: hair so light it’s almost white-blond, but with an ice blue streak framing her face. Hair almost always in a braid, ends about a foot above her knees. Tall, about 6’1”. Slim, with curves in all the right places. Inhumanly pretty. Ice blue upturned eyes, cat-eye pupils. White skin. Perfect legs.
    Magical abilities: can manipulate ice and can make illusions out of nothing. Can bend a dragon or person to her will for thirty seconds.
    Talents/skills/hobbies: can draw anything from memory, or put thoughts down on a page. Literally. Can fight well close-range, but prefers a longbow and arrows. Calm and collected, always.
    Attire: longbow always slung across back. Blueish silver corset-belt thingy. Black leather clothing, even in summer. Prefers winter to hot seasons. Black heeled boots AT ALL TIMES.
    Living conditions: nomadic, travels from place to place. Stays in pubs and motels often. Sleeps in trees if there’s nowhere else.
    Relation to other characters: maybe she could be romantically involved with another character or something? I don’t know, really.
    Avlaria- add your characters
    Avlaria- add your...
    Okay so I just read "Movellas Academy" by Anne Onymous, and I really liked how the author made the story interactive by letting other Movellas users add their own characters. Btw, you should read Movellas...
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